FriendFeed PyAPI 0.2.0 "All Aboard"

First official release of the 0.2 series.

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FriendFeed PyAPI
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All Aboard
Chris Lasher
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Release notes 

This release marks major improvements and additions to the library. In particular, with the help of Chris Atlee's poster library (slated to become part of the Python standard library), the library now supports image uploads. Additionally, the library now supports FriendFeed's new robust search API. See the CHANGELOG for additional improvements and bugfixes.


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* Ability to upload images to FriendFeed using Chris Atlee's poster library
* Added support for FriendFeed's new Search API, implemented in
  FriendFeedAPI.search_iter() and .search()
* Added ability to download profile pictures for users and rooms via
  FriendFeedAPI.get_user_picture() and .get_room_picture()
* Moved FriendFeedAPI.publish_link() to publish(). publish_link() exists but
  now only publishes links. publish() serves as the new workhorse method.
* Added method FriendFeedAPI.publish_image(), which publishes an image
  provided either a file handle or a URL to an image
* All the publish* methods now accept room as a parameter.
* FriendFeedAPI.get_list_profile() accepts SubscriptionList instances. [See Bug
* Added FriendFeedAPI.hide_entry() and .unhide_entry().
* Entries now print out whether or not they're hidden.
* Patched to allow unicode in posted messages using the patch from dsallings


* Bug #357624 AttributeError: 'Service' object has no attribute 'nickname'
* Bug #358607 FriendFeedAPI.get_list_profile() doesn't accept SubscriptionList

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