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The project's aim is to create a remote support tool, that is secure, simply to use for the one who needs support and doesn't need any kind of port fowarding or network configuration on either side.

There are many tools in the wild that allow remote support. SSH, VNC, NX, TeamViewer, LogMeIn - you name it. But nothing fits the needs of the average user, that wants to help his friends with their computer via internet. Either you have to reconfigure the network of at least on partner - which is not quite easy and sometimes even not possible, or the applications don't run on Linux.

Friendly Spider will solve this, by creating a simple client and a secure server to provide what is needed.

If you want to help getting this to run you're welcome. Development is done in PHP, Python and wx. Being familiar with network protocols and security will probably get you starting faster, but any help is appreciated!

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