Fuel VMware DVS plugin 3.1.0

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Fuel VMware DVS plugin
Ilya Bumarskov
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1 Alexander Arzhanov, 4 Igor Gajsin, 1 Partner Centric Engineering, 2 Vasily Gorin, 1 Vyacheslav Tabolin
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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1625155 #1625155 Can't deploy env with certificate for vCenter 2 Critical Igor Gajsin  3 Invalid
1626595 #1626595 Invalid uplink mapping with multiple uplinks 2 Critical Igor Gajsin  3 Invalid
1625096 #1625096 All vCenter OSTF tests failed 3 High Partner Centric Engineering  3 Invalid
1614857 #1614857 Agent may write "Agent out of sync with plugin!" to log each 30sec. 4 Medium Vyacheslav Tabolin  9 Fix Committed
1621778 #1621778 Neutron/timeout apply after deploy and run nova-compute on controller 4 Medium Alexander Arzhanov  9 Fix Committed
1616025 #1616025 [PCE][QA] After creating snapshot env is suspended. 2 Critical Vasily Gorin  10 Fix Released
1623864 #1623864 vCenter tests rewrite some default settings 2 Critical Vasily Gorin  10 Fix Released
1625092 #1625092 Task vmware-dvs-neutron-agent-install failed during deployment cluster 3 High Igor Gajsin  10 Fix Released
1624382 #1624382 The description goes beyond in the UI. 4 Medium Igor Gajsin  10 Fix Released
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