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Scripts for functional and regression testing of Asterias applications.

These python scripts use Funkload ( to upload and download files to the applications. We can verify with these scripts that the CGIs are working, that error handling is doing what it should, that MPI is starting correctly, and that the actual numerical computations are correct.

Please note that thorough testing of Javascript is available for Pomelo II, using Selenium (; check Pomelo II at ( These tests have been verified with Opera (8.54) under Windows and Linux, Firefox 1.5 (Windows and Linux), Konqueror 3.5 (Linux) and Internet Explorer 1.6 (only Windows). These tests do not run under Opera 9.0 or 9.02 (something strange in the way these Opera versions process some Javascript code).

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Asterias Project
Ramon Diaz-Uriarte
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trunk series 

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Python, R
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GNU Affero GPL v3, GNU GPL v3

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