Initial Python Implementation of Furius ISO Mount Released

Written for Furius ISO Mount by marcusfurius on 2008-09-28

A new version of Furius ISO Mount has been released ( which is a complete rewrite in Python. This is the first beta release of the Python implementation of Furius ISO Mount. It currently contains all the functionality of the mono/C# version but does not include localization support.
Debian installer are available along with the source code. If you are using the deb installers please remove any previous instances (sudo apt-get remove furiusisomount) prior to installing. If you do not wish to install Furius ISO Mount Version 0.11 then you can simply download the furiusisomount-, extract to a directory of your choice and run the furiusisomount shell script.
This version is considered beta quality, but your help in testing would be much appreciated.

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