Bug fix for low mass halos

Written for Galacticus by Andrew Benson on 2012-03-02

The latest revision to Galacticus v0.9.0 (also in v0.9.1) fixes a bug in the treatment of gas in low mass halos. Typically, Galacticus allows you to specify a velocity scale below which halos are assumed to be unable to accrete gas after the Universe has been reionized. This "unaccreted" gas should be made available to larger halos which form later, but was being lost in the calculation. This problem would effectively reduce the amount of gas available to form galaxies as the resolution of merger trees was increased. It should only have had a significant effect on results if the critical velocity scale for accretion corresponded to halo masses larger than the minimal mass resolved in merger trees. (For default parameters in Galacticus this bug would therefore not have had a significant effect.)

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