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Teemu Ollakka
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download icon galera-0.8.0-i386.deb (md5) Galera wsrep provider package (32 bit) 35
last downloaded 34 weeks ago
download icon galera-0.8.0-i386.rpm (md5) Galera wsrep provider package (32 bit) 73
last downloaded 49 weeks ago
download icon galera-0.8.0-amd64.deb (md5) Galera wsrep provider package (64 bit) 132
last downloaded 50 weeks ago
download icon galera-0.8.0-x86_64.rpm (md5) Galera wsrep provider package (64 bit) 353
last downloaded 14 weeks ago
download icon README-MySQL (md5) Instructions for using Galera with MySQL 80
last downloaded 14 weeks ago
download icon README (md5) Galera instructions 60
last downloaded 14 weeks ago
Total downloads: 733

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0.8.0 starts a new major release series of MySQL/Galera cluster. It features significant improvements in reliability, usability and performance over 0.7 series and is not backward compatible with it. However its principles of operation (synchronous multi-master replication) remain the same as well as most of configuration settings. 0.7 users can reuse their old configuration files with it.

Most of the changes relate to the internal workings of Galera replicator. Improvements noticeable to end users include:

* better configuration system
* scriptable state transfer methods
* scriptable notifications for cluster and node state changes
* better status reporting for troubleshooting
* better performance through optimized flow control and parallel applying
* higher transparency (many compatibility bugs fixed)

For more information on 0.8 series see


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
735465 #735465 node does not abort/exit when trx replaying fails 2 Critical Teemu Ollakka  10 Fix Released
772585 #772585 Implement pause()/resume() calls according to wsrep API v.19 2 Critical Alex Yurchenko  10 Fix Released
780310 #780310 Can't compile revision 33 2 Critical Teemu Ollakka  10 Fix Released
710554 #710554 0.8.0 chores 3 High Teemu Ollakka  10 Fix Released
734282 #734282 invalid trx state transition S_MUST_ABORT -> S_CERTIFYING 3 High Teemu Ollakka  10 Fix Released
740059 #740059 commit ordering should be configurable 3 High   10 Fix Released
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