Galera 2.x series

A series with new features like IST and rolling schema upgrades

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You can get a copy of the development focus branch using the command:
bzr branch lp:galera/2.x

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Milestones and releases

115 of 15 results
Version Expected Released Summary
Galera 25.2.10 None not yet released Bugs targeted: 1 New, 3 Confirmed, 3 Fix Committed
Galera 25.2.9 None 2014-03-27
Galera 25.2.8 None 2013-11-10
Galera 24.2.7 None 2013-09-20
Galera 23.2.7 None 2013-09-20
Galera 23.2.6 None 2013-06-23
Galera 23.2.4 None 2013-03-11
Galera 23.2.3 None 2013-03-11
Galera 23.2.2rc2 None 2012-10-12 This is a minor update to 2.2rc1 which we felt should go into final 2.2: - an...
Galera 23.2.2rc1 None 2012-09-29
Galera 23.2.2 None 2012-10-26
Galera 23.2.1beta None 2012-03-31 This is an emergency bugfix release targeted to solve...
Galera 23.2.1 None 2012-05-19
Galera 23.2.0 None 2012-02-18
Galera 22.2.0beta None 2011-12-29
115 of 15 results

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