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Ant uses XML as specification notation. This means it is very difficult to specify easily anything but the simplest of activities. Gant is a way of working with all the Ant tasks, but using a Groovy script instead of XML to specify the logic. Groovy is a far better language for describing activities than XML so Gant is the Groovy symbiote to Ant: all the Ant tasks, none of the XML hassles. Indeed Gant got forked to create the new Groovy front-end to Ant!

This project is a Codehaus project. The official repository is a Git repository held on GitHub -- git:// There is also a repository on Codehaus -- git:// -- but this is an administrative mirror and should not normally be used.

This Launchpad project hosts an automated mirror of the master branch. Currently "trunk" is actually the 1.9.x maintenance branch. Until bzr-git is able to deal with branches other than master, there can be no separate maintenance branches as Bazaar branches.

Most community activity is based around the mailing lists hosted by Codehaus.

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Gant Development
Gant Development
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Latest version is 1.9.9
released on 2013-01-28

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