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Written for GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain by Thomas Preud'homme on 2016-09-26

Hi all,

We are planning a general move of all information on this site to domains. The content already on Launchpad will remain available but further updates will only be done on domains. The short summary of the transition is as follows:

== Overview ==
New address:
Time of move: now
Updated until: N/A

== Downloads ==
New Address:
Time of move: now
Updated until: 2016Q3

== Answers ==
New address:
Time of move: now
Updated until: 2016Q3

== Bug tracker==
New address: TBD
Time of move: TBD
Updated until: TBD

A homepage has already been created on and packages for the 2016Q1 and 2016Q2 releases are already available in that space. We will still publish packages on both Launchpad and for the 2016Q3 release. Starting with the 2016Q4 major release, packages will only be published on the latter. Note that packages for releases prior to 2016Q1 are available on the Launchpad download space only. Questions will move to the ARM connected community.

The Answers section on Launchpad will remain open so that answers to old questions are still available. However questions will no longer be answered there.

Bug tracker will remain on Launchpad for now.

If anything remains unclear about this move, you are welcome to ask a question on ARM connected community or on Launchpad if you have any issue doing so on ARM connected community.

Updated on 2016-09-26.

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