Release GCC ARM Embedded 5 update 3

Written for GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain by Thomas Preud'homme on 2016-09-28

The 5 2016q3 update release is available at:


New Features

* ARMv8-M Baseline and Mainline beta support:
  + ARMv8-M Baseline atomics support
* ARM PureCode support
* Thumb-2 long branch veneers

Important bugs fixed in 5 update 3 release:

* Removed MSP_S and PSP_S MRS/MSR special registers
* Fixed Thumb version detection in veneer generation
* Fixed documentation about newlib-nano in release.txt

Known Changes and Issues

* Thumb1 code size regression due to new register allocation:
* The use of 64-bit atomic operations for ARMv8-M is not supported.


* Further releases will only be available at .

Updated on 2016-09-28.

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