GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain 4.7-2013-q3-update

Update 4.7 in Q3 2013

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GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain
Terry Guo
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Release notes 

Release notes for
GNU Tools for ARM Embedded Processors 4.7
                               - Q3 2013

This release includes the following items:
* Bare metal EABI pre-built binaries for running on a Windows host
* Bare metal EABI pre-built binaries for running on a Linux host
* Bare metal EABI pre-built binaries for running on a Mac OS X host
* Source code package (together with build scripts and instructions to setup
  build environment), composed of:
  * gcc : ARM/embedded-4_7-branch revision 202601

  * binutils : 2.22 with mainline backports
    git:// commit 8f0e6ebede51788f429937646e891633a20dc533

  * newlib : 1.19 with mainline backports

  * gdb : 7.4.1 with mainline backports, without target sim support
    git:// commit 263dc2d4afef8873f4262257f372af9fade55d94

  * cloog-ppl 0.15.11 :

  * expat 2.0.1 :

  * gmp 4.3.2 :

  * libelf 0.8.13 :

  * libiconv 1.14 :

  * mpc 0.8.1 :

  * mpfr 2.4.2 :

  * ppl 0.11 :

  * zlib 1.2.5 with makefile patch :

  * newlib-nano 1.0 : Included in source package

Supported hosts:
* Windows XP/7 32/64 bits (with installer and alternative zip package)
* Linux 32/64 bits
  - Ubuntu 8.x or later (tarball)
  - Ubuntu 10.04/12.04/13.04 (tarball and PPA)
  - RHEL 4/5 (tarball)
* Mac OS X 10.7.3 and newer 64 bits (tarball)

Supported target OS:
* Bare metal EABI only

* All GCC 4.7 features, plus latest mainline features
  - Defaultly turn on option -munaligned-access for ARM
  - Support for more features from C11 revision of ISO C
  - Support various new GNU extensions to the DWARF
* Additional code size optimizations
* Cortex-M0+ support
* Newlib-nano: newlib branch optimized for code size
* GDB support of unwind from exception handler
* GDB support of FP registers in Cortex-M4
* Cortex-A profile multilib
* Link Time Optimization (LTO)
* Cortex-R7 support

* Tested on a variety of Cortex-M0/M0+/M3/M4/A9 boards
* Tested on an internal simulator for Cortex-R4
* Tested on Qemu

Known issues in 4.7 release series:
* The gdb support to DWARF information in ELF file built with option -g3
  is incomplete. Sometimes debugging such ELF file crashes gdb. Recommend
  not to use GCC option -g3.
* Comparing to 4.6, GCC 4.7 tends to inline more function calls when
  optimizing for speed (O2/O3). So program built from 4.7 with O2/O3
  might be slightly bigger than 4.6, but usually with performance gain.
  To fall back closer to 4.6 behavior, please include compiler option:
  --param early-inlining-insns=10

Important bugs fixed in 4.7 update 2013q3 release:
* Crash when compile fixed-point app with LTO
* Branch to target specified by a linker script symbol
* Windows hosted gdb hang at some breakpoint
* Nano missing reference to _mallopt_r

Important bugs fixed in 4.7 update 2013q2 release:
* Upgrade doc/*.texi to the latest texinfo package
* Fix ICE with -mtune option
* Fix --debug option in build script
* Fix unnecessary lr save in thumb1 leaf function

Important bugs fixed in 4.7 update 2013q1 release:
* Mac OS host version has python dependence
* LTO failure when installed in directory with space in path name
* Load address of data sections containing aligned data
* libnosys doesn't check stack overflow
* librdimon.a doesn't match newlib-nano


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1197606 #1197606 Invalid BLX for thumb only 3 High Terry Guo  10 Fix Released
1197615 #1197615 Windows hosted GDB hang at breaking point 3 High Terry Guo  10 Fix Released
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