GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain 4.9-2015-q3-update

Update 4.9 in Q3 2015

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GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain
Tejas Belagod
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Release notes 

Release notes for
GNU Tools for ARM Embedded Processors 4.9
                               - Q3 2015

This release includes the following items:
* Bare metal EABI pre-built binaries for running on a Windows host
* Bare metal EABI pre-built binaries for running on a Linux host
* Bare metal EABI pre-built binaries for running on a Mac OS X host
* Source code package (together with build scripts and instructions to setup
  build environment), composed of:
  * gcc : ARM/embedded-4_9-branch revision 227977

  * binutils : 2.24 with mainline backports
    git:// commit 136a940ac535e464d2a7a86880ce1f1a5554c484

  * newlib and newlib-nano :
    git:// commit 36da3f961ce7f1b209842b8d883bf1c018466fe8

  * gdb : 7.8 with mainline backport/without target sim support
    git:// commit c9792faa1e25cb54edf55ffce93582370c99e4ac

  * cloog 0.18.0 :

  * expat 2.0.1 :

  * gmp 4.3.2 :

  * libelf 0.8.13 :

  * libiconv 1.14 :

  * mpc 0.8.1 :

  * mpfr 2.4.2 :

  * isl 0.11.1 :

  * zlib 1.2.8

Supported hosts:
* Windows 7 32/64 bits (with installer and alternative zip package)
* Linux 32/64 bits
  - Ubuntu 8.x or later (tarball)
  - Ubuntu LTS 10.04 and later (PPA)
  - RHEL 4/5/6 (tarball)
* Mac OS X 10.7.3 and newer 64 bits (tarball)

Supported target OS:
* Bare metal EABI only

* All GCC 4.9 features, plus latest mainline features
  - Cortex-M7 support
  - Small multiply support with options:
    . -mcpu=cortex-m1.small-multiply
    . -mcpu=cortex-m0.small-multiply
    . -mcpu=cortex-m0plus.small-multiply
* Dedicated multilib for Cortex-M7
  - cortex-m7
  - cortex-m7/fpu/fpv5-d16
  - cortex-m7/fpu/fpv5-sp-d16
  - cortex-m7/softfp/fpv5-d16
  - cortex-m7/softfp/fpv5-sp-d16
* Define aeabi_memcpy and aeabi_memcpy4 routines in newlib.
* Define aeabi_memmove, aeabi_memset and aeabi_memclr routines in newlib.
* Thumb-1 library optimizations.
* Additional code size optimizations.
* Add gdb python build (arm-none-eabi-gdb-py).
* Object file without attribute section can be linked with any
* The options -mapcs, -mapcs-frame, -mtpcs-frame and -mtpcs-leaf-frame
  will be deprecated in gcc 5.0, hence recommend to avoid them.

* Tested on a variety of Cortex-M0/M0+/M3/M4/M7/A9 boards
* Tested on Qemu

Important bugs fixed in 4.9 update 3 release:
* Newlib format specifier mismatch fix.
* Newlib macro mismatch fix.
* Assembler encoding bug fix.

Important bugs fixed in 4.9 update 2 release:
* Updated some inline assembly code in Newlib to work with old targets
* Avoid wastage caused by section size promotion
* Local register variables don't work correctly with inline asm operands

Important bugs fixed in 4.9 update 1 release:
* LD backport to keep zero length section in final axf file
* Fix GDB crash caused by discarding the grouped debug sections
* Add a Thumb1 insn pattern to legalize the instruction that
  moves pc to low register
* Update GCC to generate Tag_ABI_HardFP_use per the latest EABI doc
* Live high register not saved in function prolog with -Os
* --var-info-path-expression fails for nested structs

Important bugs fixed in 4.9 major release:
* LTO ignores -fno-short-enums
* Incorrect folding of bitfield in a union on big endian targets
* newlib-nano printf("%.*s",moo) walks off the end of string

Known Changes:
* We now use a gcc pass to implement the function of the plugin mentioned in
  Such pass only exists in embedded-4_9-branch branch and not in upstream
  mainline. A new option -ftree-switch-shortcut can be used to turn on/off
  this pass. By default it is off.

Known Issues:
* Thumb1 code size regression due to new register allocation:
  A workaround is to disable it by option -mno-lra.


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