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Release notes 

The Linaro Toolchain Working Group is pleased to announce the 2012.01
release of Linaro GCC 4.6.

Linaro GCC 4.6 2012.01 is the eleventh release in the 4.6 series. Based
off the latest GCC 4.6.2+svn182894 release, it contains a few bug
fixes from over the Christmas break.

Interesting changes include:
 * Updates to 4.6.2+svn182894

 * PR51301 ICE in vectorised widening multiplies
 * LP: #897583 Code generation bug with -O2 (-foptimize-sibling-calls)
 * LP: #736661 armel FTBFS due to compiler ICE

Linaro GCC 4.5 2012.01 is the seventeenth release in the 4.5 series.

 * LP: #736661 armel FTBFS due to compiler ICE

The source tarballs are available from:

Downloads are available from the Linaro GCC page on Launchpad:

More information on the features and issues are available from the
release page:

Mailing list:



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2012-01-06 Andrew Stubbs <email address hidden>

 Backport from mainline:

 2012-01-06 Andrew Stubbs <email address hidden>

 * Adjust scan pattern.

2012-01-05 Andrew Stubbs <email address hidden>

 Merge from FSF GCC 4.6.2 (svn branches/gcc-4_6-branch 182894).

2012-01-05 Michael Hope <email address hidden>

 Backport from mainline r182271:

 2011-12-13 Revital Eres <email address hidden>

 * modulo-sched.c (mark_loop_unsched): Free bbs.

2011-12-30 Richard Sandiford <email address hidden>

 Backport from mainline:

 2011-10-12 Richard Sandiford <email address hidden>

 * expr.h (copy_blkmode_to_reg): Declare.
 * expr.c (copy_blkmode_to_reg): New function.
 (expand_assignment): Don't expand register RESULT_DECLs before
 the lhs. Use copy_blkmode_to_reg to copy BLKmode values into a
 RESULT_DECL register.
 (expand_expr_real_1): Handle BLKmode decls when looking for promotion.
 * stmt.c (expand_return): Move BLKmode-to-register code into

2011-12-20 Ira Rosen <email address hidden>

 Backport from mainline:

 2011-11-29 Ira Rosen <email address hidden>

 PR tree-optimization/51301
 * tree-vect-patterns.c (vect_recog_over_widening_pattern): Check that
 the last statement doesn't convert to a bigger type than the original
 type of the computation.

 * gcc.dg/vect/pr51301.c: New test.

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736661 #736661 armel FTBFS due to compiler ICE 3 High Richard Sandiford  10 Fix Released
736661 #736661 armel FTBFS due to compiler ICE 3 High Richard Sandiford  10 Fix Released
897583 #897583 Code generation bug with -O2 (-foptimize-sibling-calls) 3 High Andrew Stubbs  10 Fix Released
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