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Release notes 

The Linaro Toolchain Working Group is pleased to announce the 2012.10 release of Linaro GCC 4.7.

Linaro GCC 4.7 2012.10 is the seventh release in the 4.7 series. Based off the latest GCC 4.7.2+svn191881 release, it includes ARM-focused performance improvements and bug fixes.

Interesting changes include:
 * Updates to GCC 4.7.2+svn191881
 * Backport changes to use VLD1 for Neon quad loads.

 * LP 1053348: Missing binary files

The source tarballs are available from:

Downloads are available from the Linaro GCC page on Launchpad:

More information on the features and issues are available from the
release page:

Mailing list:



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2012-10-05 Matthew Gretton-Dann <email address hidden>

        Merge from fsf gcc arm/aarch64-4.7-branch
        (svn branches/arm/aarch64-4.7-branch 192093).

2012-10-03 Matthew Gretton-Dann <email address hidden>

        Merge from fsf gcc arm/aarch64-4.7-branch
        (svn branches/arm/aarch64-4.7-branch 191926).

2012-10-02 Matthew Gretton-Dann <email address hidden>

        LP: #1053348
        Re-merge binary files from GCC 4.7:

        * go/archive/zip/testdata/ Remove.
        * go/archive/zip/testdata/ New file.
        * go/archive/zip/testdata/ Likewise.
        * go/archive/zip/testdata/ Likewise.
        * go/debug/dwarf/testdata/typedef.elf: Update.
        * go/debug/dwarf/testdata/typedef.macho: Likewise.

2012-10-01 Matthew Gretton-Dann <email address hidden>

        Merge from FSF GCC 4.7.2 (svn branches/gcc-4_7-branch 191881).

2012-09-20 Ulrich Weigand <email address hidden>

        Backport from mainline:

        2012-09-17 Ulrich Weigand <email address hidden>

        * config/arm/arm.c (arm_rtx_costs_1): Handle vec_extract and vec_set
        * config/arm/ ("vec_set<mode>_internal"): Support memory source
        operands, implemented via vld1 instruction.
        ("vec_extract<mode>"): Support memory destination operands, implemented
        via vst1 instruction.
        ("neon_vst1_lane<mode>"): Use UNSPEC_VST1_LANE instead of vec_select.
        * config/arm/ ("neon_lane_number"): Remove.

2012-09-20 Ulrich Weigand <email address hidden>

        Backport from mainline:

        2012-09-17 Ramana Radhakrishnan <email address hidden>
                    Ulrich Weigand <email address hidden>

        * config/arm/arm.c (output_move_neon): Update comment.
        Use vld1.64/vst1.64 instead of vldm/vstm where possible.
        (neon_vector_mem_operand): Support double-word modes.
        * config/arm/ (*neon_mov VD): Call output_move_neon
        instead of output_move_vfp. Change constraint from Uv to Un.

1 blueprint and 1 bug targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Use vld1 for quad loads Use vld1 for quad loads 3 Medium Ulrich Weigand  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1053348 #1053348 binary files are not merged from the fsf branches 4 Medium Matthew Gretton-Dann  10 Fix Released
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