GNOME Chemistry Utils 0.12 series

Main news are:
* GChemPaint: reimplementation using the new canvas, new Orbital tool, hash bond convention inversion, mechanism arrow support, enhanced eraser
* new Gnumeric plugin, adds a molarmass function in gnumeric.
* libgcu:import space groups support from OpenBabel.
* CML loader plugin now works, at least for 2d structures.

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GNOME Chemistry Utils
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Jean Bréfort
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Active Development
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is not the focus of development.
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GNOME Chemistry Utils 0.12.8 None 2011-05-09
GNOME Chemistry Utils 0.12.7 None 2011-02-20
GNOME Chemistry Utils 0.12.6 None 2011-01-03
GNOME Chemistry Utils 0.12.5 None 2010-12-20
GNOME Chemistry Utils 0.12.4 None 2010-12-14
GNOME Chemistry Utils 0.12.3 None 2010-12-14
GNOME Chemistry Utils 0.12.2 None 2010-12-14
GNOME Chemistry Utils 0.12.1 None 2010-12-14
GNOME Chemistry Utils 0.12.0 None 2010-12-14
19 of 9 results
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Latest version is 0.12.8
released on 2011-05-09

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