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Release notes 

Linaro GDB 7.3 2011.10 is the third release in the 7.3 series.  Based
off the latest GDB 7.3, it includes a number of ARM-focused bug fixes
and enhancements.

This release contains:
 * Support for disabling address space randomization in gdbserver
 * Fix for GDB crashes on 3.x kernels
 * Fix spurious "CRC mismatch" warnings when using "remote:" sysroot


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2011-10-11 Ulrich Weigand <email address hidden>

        GDB Linaro 7.3-2011.10 released.

        * Update.

2011-10-11 Ulrich Weigand <email address hidden>

        Fix LP #829595
        Backport from mainline:

        2011-10-11 Ulrich Weigand <email address hidden>

        * gdb.python/py-shared.exp: Relax filename check to handle remote:

        2011-10-11 Ulrich Weigand <email address hidden>

        * symfile.c (separate_debug_file_exists): Fix condition.

        2011-10-11 Jan Kratochvil <email address hidden>

        Fix separate debuginfo warning with "remote:" access.
        * objfiles.h (struct objfile): New fields crc32 and crc32_p.
        * symfile.c (get_file_crc): New function with the code moved from ...
        (separate_debug_file_exists): ... this function, specifically variables
        buffer and count. New variable verified_as_different, set it. Remove
        file_crc initialization. Verify also if both files are not the same
        manually, if needed.

2011-10-10 Ulrich Weigand <email address hidden>

        Fix LP #871901
        Backport from mainline:

        2011-10-10 Ulrich Weigand <email address hidden>

        PR gdb/13218
        * arm-linux-nat.c (os_version, os_major, os_minor, os_release):
        Remove unused variables.
        (get_linux_version): Remove function.
        (_initialize_arm_linux_nat): Do not call it.

2011-10-07 Ulrich Weigand <email address hidden>

        Fix LP #804408
        Backport from mainline:

        2011-10-07 Ulrich Weigand <email address hidden>

        * inferior.h (disable_randomization): Declare.
        * infrun.c (disable_randomization): New global variable.
        (show_disable_randomization): New function.
        (set_disable_randomization): Likewise.
        (_initialize_infrun): Install set/show disable-randomization
        * linux-nat.c (disable_randomization): Remove.
        (show_disable_randomization): Likewise.
        (set_disable_randomization): Likewise.
        (_initialize_linux_nat): No longer install set/show
        disable-randomization commands here.
        (linux_nat_supports_disable_randomization): New function.
        (linux_nat_add_target): Install it.
        * remote.c (PACKET_QDisableRandomization): New enum value.
        (remote_protocol_packets): Support QDisableRandomization.
        (_initialize_remote): Likewise.
        (remote_supports_disable_randomization): New function.
        (init_remote_ops): Install it.
        (extended_remote_supports_disable_randomization): New function.
        (init_extended_remote_ops): Install it.
        (extended_remote_disable_randomization): New function.
        (extended_remote_create_inferior_1): Call it.
        * target.h (struct target_ops): Add to_supports_disable_randomization.
        (target_supports_disable_randomization): Add prototype.
        * target.c (target_supports_disable_randomization): New function.
        (find_default_supports_disable_randomization): Likewise.
        (init_dummy_target): Install it.

        * gdb.texinfo (Starting your Program): "set disable-randomization"
        is no longer Linux-specific.
        (Remote Configuration): Document "set remote
        (General Query Packets): Document "QDisableRandomization" packet
        and add it to "qSupported" list.

        * Check support for personality routine.
        * configure: Regenerate.
        * Likewise.
        * linux-low.c: Include <sys/personality.h>.
        Define ADDR_NO_RANDOMIZE if necessary.
        (linux_create_inferior): Disable address space randomization when
        forking inferior, if requested.
        (linux_supports_disable_randomization): New function.
        (linux_target_ops): Install it.
        * server.h (disable_randomization): Declare.
        * server.c (disable_randomization): New global variable.
        (handle_general_set): Handle QDisableRandomization.
        (handle_query): Likewise for qSupported.
        (main): Support --disable-randomization and --no-disable-randomization
        command line arguments.
        * target.h (struct target_ops): Add supports_disable_randomization.
        (target_supports_disable_randomization): New macro.

2011-09-21 Ulrich Weigand <email address hidden>

        Backport from mainline:

        2011-09-21 Ulrich Weigand <email address hidden>

        * linux-arm-low.c (struct arm_linux_hwbp_cap): Remove.
        (arm_linux_hwbp_cap): New static variable.
        (arm_linux_get_hwbp_cap): Replace by ...
        (arm_linux_init_hwbp_cap): ... this new function.
        (arm_linux_get_hw_breakpoint_count): Use arm_linux_hwbp_cap.
        (arm_linux_get_hw_watchpoint_count): Likewise.
        (arm_linux_get_hw_watchpoint_max_length): Likewise.
        (arm_arch_setup): Call arm_linux_init_hwbp_cap.
        (arm_prepare_to_resume): Use perror_with_name instead of error.

2011-09-13 Ulrich Weigand <email address hidden>

        * Bump version.

1 blueprint and 3 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
GDB as a cross-debugger GDB as a cross-debugger 4 High Ulrich Weigand  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
829595 #829595 Separate debuginfo file misidentifed with "remote:" acess 4 Medium Ulrich Weigand  10 Fix Released
871901 #871901 Linaro GDB crashes on 3.x kernels 4 Medium Ulrich Weigand  10 Fix Released
804408 #804408 [remote feature] Address space randomization 5 Low Ulrich Weigand  10 Fix Released
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