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Linaro GDB
Thiago Jung Bauermann
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Release notes 

Linaro GDB 7.4 2012.04 is the second release in the 7.4 series. Based off
the latest GDB 7.4, it includes a number of ARM-focused bug fixes and

Interesting changes include:
 * gdbserver can now be compiled with Android's toolchain.
 * Additional fixes from the GDB 7.4 branch, one of them being
   that it doesn't require makeinfo to build anymore.


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2012-04-12 Thiago Jung Bauermann <email address hidden>

 GDB Linaro 7.4-2012.04 released.

 * Update.

2012-04-09 Thiago Jung Bauermann <email address hidden>

 * acinclude.m4 (GDBSERVER_HAVE_THREAD_DB_TYPE): New macro based
 * Look for lwpid_t and psaddr_t in libthread_db.h.

2012-04-09 Thiago Jung Bauermann <email address hidden>

 * linux-low.h (PTRACE_ARG3_TYPE): Move macro from linux-low.c.
 (PTRACE_ARG4_TYPE): Likewise.
 (PTRACE_XFER_TYPE): Likewise.
 * linux-arm-low.c (arm_prepare_to_resume): Cast third argument of
 ptrace to PTRACE_ARG3_TYPE.
 * linux-low.c (PTRACE_ARG3_TYPE): Move macro to linux-low.h.
 (PTRACE_ARG4_TYPE): Likewise.
 (PTRACE_XFER_TYPE): Likewise.
 (linux_detach_one_lwp): Cast fourth argument of
 ptrace to long then PTRACE_ARG4_TYPE.
 (regsets_fetch_inferior_registers): Cast third argument of
 ptrace to long then PTRACE_ARG3_TYPE.
 (regsets_store_inferior_registers): Likewise.

2012-04-08 Thiago Jung Bauermann <email address hidden>

 * Check whether Elf32_auxv_t and Elf64_auxv_t
 are available.
 * linux-low.c [HAVE_ELF32_AUXV_T] (Elf32_auxv_t): Add typedef.
 [HAVE_ELF64_AUXV_T] (Elf64_auxv_t): Likewise.
 * Regenerate.
 * configure: Likewise.


2012-03-20 Pedro Alves <email address hidden>

 * remote.c (remote_start_remote): Clear `rs->starting_up' on early

2012-03-13 Hui Zhu <email address hidden>
     Pedro Alves <email address hidden>

 * breakpoint.c (init_breakpoint_sal): New flags parameter. Handle
 (create_breakpoint_sal, create_breakpoints_sal)
 (create_breakpoint): New flags parameter. Pass it down.
 (break_command_1, handle_gnu_v3_exceptions, trace_command)
 (ftrace_command, strace_command): Adjust.
 (create_tracepoint_from_upload): Pass
 * breakpoint.h (enum breakpoint_create_flags): New.
 (create_breakpoint): New flags parameter.
 * mi/mi-cmd-break.c (mi_cmd_break_insert): Adjust.
 * python/py-breakpoint.c (bppy_init): Adjust.
 * python/py-finishbreakpoint.c (bpfinishpy_init): Adjust.
 * spu-tdep.c (spu_catch_start): Adjust.

2012-03-13 Pedro Alves <email address hidden>
     Hui Zhu <email address hidden>
     Yao Qi <email address hidden>

 * remote.c (struct remote_state): New field `starting_up'.
 (remote_start_remote): Set and clear it.
 (remote_can_download_tracepoint): If starting up, return false.

2012-03-06 Pedro Alves <email address hidden>

 PR gdb/13766

 * i387-tdep.c (i387_supply_xsave): If we have an xsave buffer, and
 the register state is clear, supply explicit zero, instead of
 marking the register unavailable.

2012-02-23 Jan Kratochvil <email address hidden>

 PR backtrace/13716
 * infcmd.c (finish_forward): New variable frame_id, initialize it, use
 it after set_momentary_breakpoint.

2012-02-21 Jan Kratochvil <email address hidden>

 PR build/13638
 (MAKEINFOFLAGS): Replace static string by AC_ARG_VAR.
 * configure: Regenerate.

2012-02-21 Jan Kratochvil <email address hidden>

 * configure: Regenerate.
 * Regenerate.

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