Gearman Java 0.03

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Gearman Java
Eric Lambert
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4 Eric Lambert
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Release notes 

Primarily a bug fix release, no new features but a change in the
addServer methods, see change log for details, does introduce an
incompatibility with earlier versions that will require clients relying
on earlier version to at least recompile.


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 * Cleanup findbugs, pmd, and checkstyle warnings
 * Misc. build improvements
   - build will look for property definitions in
   - generate all reports in xml or 'text' depending on whether
     gearman-java.reports.text property is set.
 * Changed signature of the addServerMethod in GearmanClient and
   GearmanWorker (as well as their implementations) to return a
   boolean to indicate success or failure of attempt. Attmepts to
   add a server that can not be contacted will now return false as
   opposed to throwing a runtime exception.
 * ClientImpl driveRequestTillState now drivesIO on all sessions that
   are selected for IO instead of driving IO for only the session to
   which the request belongs.
 * Allow gearman functions to control the name that will be used to
   register the function with the server when using the default
   function factory (factory was ignoring the name of the funciton
   and always registering function with its class name).
 * Fixed bug #417004 (ReverseClient example shows improper use of
 * Fixed bug #417214 (Worker performs slow on linux).
   client). Connection between worker and job server did not
   have TCP_NODELAY set, causing performance problems on linux.
   Changed connection settings to mirror settings in libgearmand.
 * Fixed bug #417208 (AbstractGearmanFunction does not correctly
   handle failing or misbehaving functions). Fix resulted in
   changing the signature for GearmanFunction interface. The
   GearmanFunction interface now extends Callable<GearmanJobResult>,
   clients of this interface will need to be changed to reflect this.
 * Fixed bug #418927. We can now send a receive payloads larger then
   the default buffer sizes.

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Make Gearman Java testing more automated and thorough Make Gearman Java testing more automated and thorough 1 Undefined   7 Good progress
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
417208 #417208 AbstractGearmanFunction does not correctly failed jobs 3 High Eric Lambert  10 Fix Released
417214 #417214 Worker performing really slow 3 High Eric Lambert  10 Fix Released
418927 #418927 packet sizes that exceed the default buffer send size result in disconnection 3 High Eric Lambert  10 Fix Released
417004 #417004 Client lefts socket in TIME_WAIT state 4 Medium Eric Lambert  10 Fix Released
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