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Gearman Java
Eric Lambert
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0.04 - 2010-09-10
 * Refactored tests.
 * Limited internal refactoring.
 * Fixed bug 498042, GearmanClient incorrectly assumes that job
   handle returned by job server is globally unique. This can
   result in unknown job errors and other problems when a client
   connects to more than one job server.
 * Fixed bug 501194, when a session is closed, client does not
   remove sessions' jobs from internal structures. Results in
   getNumberOfActiveJobs returning incorrect values.
 * Fixed bug 511489, checking the status of a failed job incorrectly
   returns true.
 * Fixed bug 513180, client (and worker) leak file descriptors
   at shutdown.
 * Fixed bug 514014, Client can crash with an NPE if job sends
   back a status or result in which the numerator or denominator
   values are non-numeric.
 * Fixed bug 516195, more effective means of randomly picking a job
 * Fixed bug 602230, submit background job can hang if attempt
   to read or write over NIO connection results in IOException.
 * Fixed bug 615700, handle function exceptions with no message.

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
516194 #516194 Random function not working 4 Medium Eric Lambert  3 Invalid
498042 #498042 get unknown job when a client connect to more than one server 3 High Eric Lambert  10 Fix Released
511489 #511489 calling GearmanJobResult.jobSucceeded() for a failed job incorrectly returns true 3 High Eric Lambert  10 Fix Released
513180 #513180 Selector not being closed 3 High Eric Lambert  10 Fix Released
501194 #501194 GearmanClientImpl's jobsMaps should be updated when a session is dropped 4 Medium Eric Lambert  10 Fix Released
516195 #516195 Random function not working 4 Medium Eric Lambert  10 Fix Released
602230 #602230 Subitting a Background Job does not fail after gearman has been closed 4 Medium Eric Lambert  10 Fix Released
615700 #615700 Worker exits due to NPE if function throws an exception without a message 4 Medium Eric Lambert  10 Fix Released
514014 #514014 getJobStatus causes NumberFormatException 1 Undecided Eric Lambert  10 Fix Released
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