Gearman Java 0.06

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Gearman Java
Eric Lambert
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minor bug fixes (see change log)


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 * Fix bug 1098816: Worker now supports GRAB_JOB_UNIQ
 * Fix bug 1126496: Exceptions not being returned to client. With this fix
   when a new connection is established from a client to a GearmanServer, the
   client immediately sends an OPT_REQ packet to the server and waits to
   receive a response. The add connection operation will block until the
   response is received or the client's request time-out has been exceeded. If
   no response is recieved, the connection is "dropped" and the server will
   not be available for the client. Prior to this fix if a function call
   resulted in an exception both a WORK_EXCEPTION and WORK_FAIL packet were
   sent back to the server. Now just a WORK_EXCEPTION packet is sent.

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
708153 #708153 NullPointerException from GearmanJobImpl.getHandle 3 High Eric Lambert  6 Confirmed
1098816 #1098816 Worker should be able to execute GRAB_JOB_UNIQ 3 High Eric Lambert  10 Fix Released
1126496 #1126496 worker always returns an empty string for Warnings and Exceptions 1 Undecided Eric Lambert  10 Fix Released
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