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1.1.12 Released

Written for Gearman by Brian Aker on 2014-02-12

GEARMAN_SERVERS environmental variable for libgearman to pick up servers to
communicate with. This means that any driver now linked with libgearman will
be able to handle multiple servers.
Added INFO level messages for queue creation.

Gearman 1.1.9 Released

Written for Gearman by Brian Aker on 2013-08-02

Added gearman_task_is_finished(). Improved SSL support. Exceptions are now supported. gearmand excepts its root CA via the environmental variable GEARMAND_PORT. libgearman will now except GEARMAND_CA_CERTIFICATE, GEARMAN_CLIENT_PEM, and GEARMAN_CLIENT_KEY

Gearman 1.1.7 Released

Written for Gearman by Brian Aker on 2013-05-10

Cleanup of error codes returned by gearmand. gearmand will now set its port from the env variable GEARMAND_PORT. Fix issue where identifier might not be set correctly on reconnect. strlen() of zero on name passed for instance did not result in a connection to localhost (which the php driver thought would happen). Fix regression in log not updating time on all platforms. Fix issue where pecl php wasn't passing a null string to get default host.

GA Version 1.0.2 and Dev Version 1.1.4

Written for Gearman by Brian Aker on 2012-12-18


* Add --expceptions to Gearmand to enable exceptions by default

* Backtraces on some types of crashes.


* If the unique value passed to any client function is "#" then the unique value will be derived by hashing the workload that is being supplied to the funct

* Optimize status requests so that they exit as soon as request is received.

* Fix test case results for FreeBSD.


* Add GEARMAN_CLIENT_GENERATE_UNIQUE, with default set to not generate.

* Experimental addition to queue service which will allow a queue to be stored on shutdown (--libsqlite3-store-on-shutdown).

GA Version 1.0.1 released alongside dev 1.1.3 release

Written for Gearman by Brian Aker on 2012-11-13

The first GA, like we haven't been using it for years, version of Gearman has been released. 1.0.1 is now available.

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