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Manage projects in gedit

For this plugin a project is just a directory path. A list of last opened
files is stored in the user config directory. In the project directory itself
no data is stored or changed by the plugin. In the sidebar are two lists:
 * Open Projects: projects with at least one open file
 * All projects: project directories that are known to the plugin,
   projects that contain subprojects are shown in a tree structure.

In the context menu you can perform some actions, including:
 * Open Project: restore all recently opened files of a project
 * View Project Folder: the project folder is opened with the default program
 * Close Project: all project files are closed (the file list is preserved)
 * Add Folder, remove Folder: specify which folders are known as a project
 * Find Subprojects: search within the project folder for nested projects

After installing and activating the plugin, you can invoke the settings
dialog. There you can set up a directory that can be scanned for projects.
Project directories are recognized by specific file names within the
directory like VCS folders or files for build systems. These file names are
organized in two lists. The first list contains file names for projects that
can have sub-projects. The second list contains file names for projects with
no sub-projects, as these names are repeated often in the subdirectories of
the same project (eg makefile, .svn). Subdirectories of such projects are not
searched, but can be added manually.

The latest release of gedit-projects is for gedit versions 3.8 and 3.10.
For gedit 3.0 to 3.6 use gedit-projects 1.1.1.

This project is part of Gedit BC Developer Plugins:
The PPA there contains packages for Ubuntu.
For Ubuntu 16.04 and above the plugins in the PPA don't work with gedit from the official Ubuntu archive. Remove all gedit packages and install gedit310 (and gedit310-plugins) from the PPA.

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