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With gelee you can:
- Manage the lifecycle of any artifact identifiable by an URI
- Define a quality plan and change it as you go.
- Execute and run your quality plan in a collaborative environment

Nearly every artifact, from web pages, documents, wikis, code, to non-software resources (houses in construction, purchase orders, etc.) goes through a lifecycle. In a few cases, the lifecycle of these artifacts is supported by a tool that allows their modeling, automation, monitoring, and management. This typically happens when the lifecycle is formalized and strictly followed. For example, the process of approving purchase orders and procuring the goods is, in some large companies, supported by a workflow management system. In these cases, a system can interpret a formal definition of the lifecycle and execute/enforce it.

In the majority of cases however, the lifecycle is informally defined, and is executed, monitored, and managed by hand, if at all. This is because generic process management tools are too complex and too rigid for this purpose, and are tightly coupled with the artifact they manage.

In Gelee we aim at providing an abstractions framework and a supporting environment that overcome these limitations and enable universal resource lifecycle management. We use the terms universal and resource as we want the system to manage whatever can be identified by an URI, regardless of its nature, managing application, owner, or location. We realize that such universality can often be at odds with ease of use, and indeed this is one of the challenges we face and address.

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