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Geneva Optimization
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Building 39
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Release notes 

Geneva Optimization Library

* Version 0.5.3, "Building 39" - July 7, 2009

See the Changelog for the individual changes.


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The main changes of this release are:
 - Made the library compile (mostly clean) with the Intel 10.1 compiler.
 - Made the library compile cleanly with the old GNU g++ 3.4.6 .
 - Made the package size produced by the GRandomFactory changeable at run-time.
 - Allow for random numbers to be produced locally in each GRandom object, if desired.
   This makes possible to assign many more parameters to an individual.
 - Moved away from the Boost random number generator for local generation
   mode due to its large memory requirements.
 - Added possibility to compile the library/executables statically.
 - Added Philipp Henkel's threadpool library to the Geneva distribution (with his
   kind permission), in order to ease the compilation procedure.
 - Added the CMake 2.6.4 FindBoost.cmake macro to the Geneva distribution in
   order to ease the compilation procedure. There should be no need to upgrade
   older 2.6.x CMake distributions, as their FindBoost.cmake seemed to have had
   a problem.
 - Removed the former GLogger framework. It was only used in a few places
   and hasn't been updated for a while. When the Boost.Logging library will pass
   its review, it will be used in Geneva instead.
 - Added the ability to GParameterTColletionT to use a common adaptor for all of
   its GParameterT objects. Note: Needs some more testing.
 - GSeed will now first try to get an initial seed from /dev/urandom, if available,
   and will then set the seed to a predefined value upon failure.
 - Removed GRandom from GObject, providing individual GRandom objects only
   for GAdaptorT and GIndividualSet. This results in a greatly reduced memory
   consumption at very little expense to functionality.
 - Made the network clients ask the server for a seed for their local random
   number genrator, so we are sure that each client uses a different random
   number sequence.
 - Reworked test suite so that it now uses manual test registration rather than
   automatic test cases. Needed in order to let the GRandomFactory tests be
   performed in the beginning.
 - Renamed the installed library to geneva-opt, so that it doesn't clash with
   other, similarly named libraries on the system.
 - Improved the check-pointing infrastructure (toFile/fromFile) in GObject.
 - Added ability to GBasePopulation to checkpoint the nParents best individuals
   in regular intervals.

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