Geneva Optimization 0.7 "Route Arago"

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Geneva Optimization
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Route Arago
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download icon geneva-v0.7.0.tgz (md5, sig) Geneva v0.7.0 (Route Arago) 57
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Release notes 

Geneva Optimization Library

* Version 0.7.0, "Route Arago" - March 1, 2010

See the Changelog for the individual changes.


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The main changes for this release include:
 - Removed all direct dependencies of GIndividual objects from the optimization algorithm in order to
   allow the implementation of additional algorithms, based on the same data structures and
   parallelization framework
 - Gave the GAsioTCPConsumer the ability to automatically determine the number of listener threads.
   Should improve scalability of the server on systems with many cores.
 - Added GDelayIndividual in order to allow measurement of the overhead incurred through the parallelization
 - Reworked GExternalEvaluator example to be more usable in a production environment (e.g. added a configuration
   file instead of command line options)
 - Refactored GIndividualSet (now named GOptimizationAlgorithm) to become the base class of a hierarchy
   of iteration-based optimization algorithms. The class now encapsulates functionality common to all of
   these algorithms, such as the main loop and different halt criteria.
 - Gave GIndividual knowledge about the currently best known fitness of all individuals
 - Gave GIndividual knowledge about the number of optimization cycles without improvement
 - Renamed GBasePopulation to GEvolutionaryAlgorithm, GBrokerPopulation to GBrokerEA and GBoostThreadPopulation
   to GMultiThreadedEA
 - Implemented a new way to select views of vectors of boost::shared_ptr<GIndividual>, including
   automatic conversion ("attachViewTo<>() )
 - Allowed adaptors to choose from "always mutate", "never mutate" and "mutate with a certain likelihood"
 - Added compilation warnings when using Boost 1.39 or Boost 1.41, which seem to have issues wrt. Geneva,
   possibly in the serialization library.
 - Reworked the test framework, including renovation of conversion_cast<>
 - Reworked the clone framework to use boost::shared_ptr instead of "raw" GObject * pointers
 - Reworked the load framework so that public accessible load functions is shared pointers
 - Removed GChar and related classes, as these can be implemented better through integer classes
 - Cleaned up and renovated the example's hierarchy
 - Added a build script to facilitate building the Geneva library

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