Geneva Optimization 0.8 "Prevessin"

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Geneva Optimization
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download icon geneva-v0.8.0.tgz (md5, sig) Geneva v0.8.0 (Prevessin) 21
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Release notes 

Geneva Optimization Library

* Version 0.8.0, "Prevessin" - August 4, 2010

See the Changelog for the individual changes.


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The main changes for this release include:
 - Separated code into the libraries Hap (random number production), Courtier (brokerage and
   networking), Geneva (optimization algorithms), Dataexchange (communication with external
   evaluation programs) and Common (common code needed by all other libraries), each
   with its own namespace. Includes should now be prefixed with the (sub)library name.
 - Reworked the test framework implementing the tests directly inside the
   tested classes. This allows for better testing of private members and virtual
   classes, and at the same time simplifies the code maintenance.
 - Replaced all calls to mutate() (and associated functions) with calls to adapt()
   in order to reflect different naming schemes in different optimization algorithms.
 - Added an iterator to GStdPtrVectorInterface that lets users iterate only over
   specific derived objects of the stored base-objects.
 - Removed ability to assign joint adaptors to entire collections in favor of
   all-local adaptors, in order to facilitate the inner design and usage of the
 - Added a GParameterObjectCollection that allows to arbitrarily mix any
   GParameterBase object in the same collection.
 - Removed GBoostThreadConsumer dependency on GIndividual, making it a template class
 - Removed GAsioTCPConsumer dependency on GIndividual, making it a template class
 - Removed the GIndividualBroker class, the GINDIVIDUALBROKER macro was moved to GIndividual.hpp.
 - Renamed GenevaExceptions file to GExceptions and renamed Gem::Geneva::geneva_error_condition
   to Gem::Common::gemfony_error_condition, in order to better separate different libraries.
 - Replaced usage of GDataExchangeException by Gem::Common::gemfony_error_condition.
 - Gave GParameterBase-derivatives and GParameterSet objects the ability to randomly initialize
   a given set of data elements contained in them.
 - Update to CMake 2.8, ported to Boost 1.43.
 - Made compilation of test code optional.
 - Moved the sample programs in the 'associated' folder together with the other examples.

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