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Geneva Optimization
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Release notes 

Geneva Optimization Library

* Version 1.4, "Aosta" - August 8, 2014

See the Changelog for the individual changes.


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The main changes for this release include:

****************************** BREAKING CHANGES ********************************

 - Constraint objects now use a new nomenclature to flag valid and invalid
   checks. Values > 1 are considered to be "invalid" as before. Values < 0
   are now flagged as invalid (with an automatic calculation of an
   "invalidity"), unless the "allowNegative" parameter of the constraint
   objects has been set. In this case negative values are still considered
   to be valid in constraint objects.
 - Removed single precision floating point classes, as these were
   practically never used and are realistically unneded in the presence
   of double precision types. This might later be replaced by a
   compile-time #define of the base floating point type.
 - The CMakeLists.txt file of the 10_GStarter example can no longer be
   used for builds independent of the Geneva main source tree. Instead,
   if you want to build Example #10 independently (for example in order
   to build your own code on top), rename CMakeLists.txt-independent to
   CMakeLists.txt . This allows independent builds. All other Geneva
   examples can only be built inside of the Geneva source tree.
   CMakeLists.txt-independent should however give you a good starting
   point to make other examples independent from the main Geneva source
 - As we do not have any testing facilities for older MacOS versions, and
   most users will upgrade to the newest version anyway, support for MacOS
   is now constrained to the latest version including all updates (i.e.,
   10.9 Mavericks, at the time of this release). Note that support for
   this OS is still experimental.
 - The CMAKE version required for compiling Geneva is now v2.8.


- The formula parser will now throw custom exceptions when invalid
  calculations (such as a division by 0) were requested. This allows
  you to deal with invalid parameters to your formulas more easily.
- MUCOMMANU-modes (single-eval and pareto) will now be the same as
  MUPLUSNU in the first iteration. All individuals will be evaluated
  in MUCOMMANU-mode in the first iteration.
- The adapt() call of individuals (used particularly in evolutionary
  algorithms) will now optionally take into account the validity of a
  given parameter set. I.e., if the parameter set does not satisfy the
  predefined constraints, adapt() will try a configurable number of times
  to find a parameter set that does satisfy the constraints. Alternatively,
  users may rely on the replacement-fitness calculated by Geneva for
  invalid solutions.
- The script "" can now be called multiple times: it will
  do a "make clean-all" if a Makefile is found in the build-directory.
- The build-system was restructured and improved to simplify adding new
  platforms and to make it more modular.
- Added a target "make doc" to create reference documentation for the
  entire Geneva source tree.

The main bug fixes for this release include:
- Under certain circumstances, work items could be added more than once
  to the priority queue defining the best solutions found.

Recommended version of Boost: 1.55; Minimum Boost version: 1.48.

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