Geneva Optimization 1.6 "Ivrea"

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Geneva Optimization
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download icon geneva-v1.6.0.tgz (md5, sig) Geneva v1.6.0 (Ivrea) 34
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Release notes 

Geneva Optimization Library

* Version 1.6, "Ivrea" - March 10, 2015

See the Changelog for the individual changes.


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The main changes for this release include:

****************************** BREAKING CHANGES ********************************

 - Geneva now explicitely requires the Boost::unit_test_framework and the
   Boost::random components of Boost, as these are required at link time.
   You will need to install these additional components if your Boost
   installation is not a complete one, for instance in the case of a
   system-provided Boost in some Linux distributions.
 - The FindBoost.cmake module is not shipped with Geneva anymore, as it may
   interfere with using the system-provided version which often contains
   some system-specific fixes. Furthermore, it was actually not needed
   anymore, as we currently require at least CMake 2.8 which comes with
   a good enough version of that module.
 - When optimization algorithms are instantiated directly rather than
   through the Go2-class, it is now necessary to explicity initialize Geneva
   using the GenevaInitializer class. See 06_GDirectEA for an example of how
   this is done. With this change, static Geneva libraries may now be built
   where needed.
 - If you register a signal handler, please use now G_SIGHUP instead of
   SIGHUP to get portable code.
 - Removed the (currently unused) GCanvas32 class, as it results in a
   (justified) overflow warning under MS Windows.


 - Added native, experimental support for MS Windows using the
   Visual C++ compiler, allowing both static and dynamic libraries.
 - Step sizes in Geneva's gradient descent implementation are now given in
   permille of the allowed or expected value range of the parameters. Steps
   in each direction used to calculate the gradient are now scaled according
   to this value range.
 - Calculations in Geneva's gradient descent implementation are now carried
   out as long double to preserve accuracy, where possible.
 - Moved all filesystem I/O to the Boost::filesystem library.
 - Fixed Launchpad bug #1427577 --> "best past" of EA not transfered to SA.

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1427577 #1427577 EA -> SA, "best past" of EA not transfered to SA 3 High Ruediger Berlich  10 Fix Released
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