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Łukasz Jernaś
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Release notes 

No objections were raised so I'm releasing Geoclue 0.12 - "It's about
time". Important changes:

- add Geocode.FreeformAddressToPosition()-method
- add Nominatim (OpenStreetMap) geocoder/revgeocoder
- gsmloc provider: stop using gammu, start using ofono
- don't do horrible shell script calls in providers
- example improvements
- hostip api update
- gpsd api update
- use instead of
- Master Client: add Invalidated signal when the dbus client object dies
- bug fixes

Note that while the standard providers are in my experience working very
well (and the addition of Nominatim makes our geocoding really good),
the master provider is still not production quality -- I am working on

Also, I'd like to get the releases rolling regularly now, so we could
get e.g. Arnos nice "position support for localnet" in quickly. Please
bug me if I left your pet peeve out of this release.

Thanks to (at least) Bastien Nocera, Danielle Madeley, Pierre-Luc
Beaudoin, Csaba Kertész, Ross Burton, Arno, Holger Freyther and Keith
Preston for picking up the slack when I didn't.

Tarball is linked from the website:
The git tag is "0.12".

Have fun,


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