Migrating trunk to Netbeans 6.9

Written for Gephi by Mathieu Bastian on 2010-06-23

The trunk has been updated to the Netbeans 6.9 platform. That means it is mandatory to go to 6.9 version to be able to build Gephi.

- The most important difference is the new LookupAPI. The lookup has been separated from the UtilitiesAPI and put in a dedicated module. The building process automatically fix the problem but it is preferable to update dependencies. In modules that use UtilitiesAPI, the new LookupAPI has been added.

- Some layer.xml files were not validating. The problem has been solved by upgrading the doctype from
<!DOCTYPE filesystem PUBLIC "-//NetBeans//DTD Filesystem 1.1//EN" "http://www.netbeans.org/dtds/filesystem-1_1.dtd">
<!DOCTYPE filesystem PUBLIC "-//NetBeans//DTD Filesystem 1.2//EN" "http://www.netbeans.org/dtds/filesystem-1_2.dtd">

- The building and running process is getting very slow. The solution of this problem is using the previous version of Ant. Go to Netbeans "Tools > Options > Miscellaneous > Ant" and change the Ant Home to an Ant 1.7 version. If NetBeans 6.8 is installed, it can be found in Netbeans 6.8/java3/ant. It will use the Ant 1.7 instead of the Ant 1.8 version, which apparently has a speed problem.

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