Gephi 0.6alpha1

First public release of Gephi. This version include the major Gephi functionalities. The graphs exploration and manipulation is stable. More than functionalities this version insist on a strong architecture, very flexible. Indeed it is already easy to add algorithms, filters, styles, datasource, tools or plugins. So this version propose a advanced architecture but still need more development for the functionalities. Moreover the functionalities we already have have to be tested and validated by more users, this is the main goal of this release.

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Mathieu Bastian
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Release notes 

Gephi release 0.6alpha1 include the following functionalities :

- Import graphs and networks in format GDF, GraphML, XGMML, Pajek.
- Graphical Interface for visualizing the graph and manipulate it in real-time. Docking environment.
- 3d engine for rendering graphs in real-time. Presence of a minimap of the complete graph and style configuration.
- Work in different workspaces, different graphs in the same time.
- Divide graphs in spaces, for categorization. Create space groups.
- Show and configure graph labels on the graph.
- Manage nodes attributes, you can manipulate and see all the data associated with nodes.
- Use attributes or built-in properties (as in-degree) to filter node-set of the graph. Chain filters to analyse the graph and get statistics.
- Apply the results of filters as gradient color, size and more.
- Apply layout algorithms and see the graph changing in real-time. Algorithms are executed in background and don't block the program.
- Configure algorithms properties when running to control the spatialisation.
- Connect dynamic datasource to Gephi to receive graphs and see the visualization update in real-time.
- Save the complete Gephi session in a file and open it later.
- Export graphs in GDF or SVG.

This Gephi version needs Java 1.6 and it is recommanded to have an updated graphic driver.

This alpha version is released as a default French locale, the option panel to configure the language will come soon.

Note to install/launch :
- For Windows users : Unzip in a directory and execute Gephi.exe.
- For Linux users : Untar in a directory and execute the script Executing the JAR directly won't work.


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