Development on 0.2 Continues, Roadmap for 0.3

Written for Good Game by Mike Chaten on 2009-04-22

I have been very busy since school started back up for the semester. It is starting to wind down now, so I have started to pick up where I left off on 0.2. It should be released around early May or very late April.

For 0.3, I am going to focus more on making this more MMO friendly as I will begin development of my first original game for Good Game to attract users. When the game enters beta, expect to see Good Game hosted and running live! This will entail better database access from the game api, this summer should be an exciting period for Good Game.

Expect an announcement about the new MMO in the upcoming weeks.

EDIT: 0.3 Will also feature a new networking protocol based off of google's protocol buffers.

Updated on 2009-04-22.

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