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Rewrites, License Change and New Game

Written for Good Game by Mike Chaten on 2009-05-14

Tthe server is going to get a (light) re-write. I have decided to use Apache MINA to handle the network nitty gritty functionality.

The big thing that I am keeping is the database layer (with a little different api)

The project is also moving from GPL to the Apache License 2.0. This license is more business-friendly.

Also, the design for the new game is getting there. Its currently getting backlogged due to the client and server rewrites.

Updated on 2009-05-25.

0.2 Released!

Written for Good Game by Mike Chaten on 2009-04-24

0.2 has been released!

Some highlights:
New Administration GUI for the server
New process to create games
Games can now define their own table model
You now must login/register before going into a lobby, there is no guest type.

Look at the release notes and change log for more information

0.2 Beta 1 Released

Written for Good Game by Mike Chaten on 2009-04-22

Since the hiatus, there has only been one feature keeping the beta release, the new login functionality. I did a nice code sprint to get that done tonight along with many bug fixes and improvements. So, instead of releasing Beta 1 this weekend, it is released today.

There are some aesthetic things that need to be completed before 0.2 RC1, that should be done soon. A beta 2 will be released if any major bugs show up.


Development on 0.2 Continues, Roadmap for 0.3

Written for Good Game by Mike Chaten on 2009-04-22

I have been very busy since school started back up for the semester. It is starting to wind down now, so I have started to pick up where I left off on 0.2. It should be released around early May or very late April.

For 0.3, I am going to focus more on making this more MMO friendly as I will begin development of my first original game for Good Game to attract users. When the game enters beta, expect to see Good Game hosted and running live! This will entail better database access from the game api, this summer should be an exciting period for Good Game.

Expect an announcement about the new MMO in the upcoming weeks.

EDIT: 0.3 Will also feature a new networking protocol based off of google's protocol buffers.

Updated on 2009-04-22.

0.1 Release for Good Game

Written for Good Game by Mike Chaten on 2009-01-06

0.1 Has been released!

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