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0.2 release from the 0.2 series released 2009-04-24

Release information
Release notes:

Fix various bugs since 0.2b1


Changes since 0.2b1
Can't Cancel out of a new game setup
Could previously create a game with no name, and new names are now trimmed for white space
New Background, and enabled the logo on the login screen.
New Users Pane for the Admin GUI that shows all current users.
FriendsListGUI now spawns where you previously closed it
The GUI now displays a message when attempting to create a game with no Game Type selected.
No more exceptions when stopping the server before starting it
Dispose the Admin GUI when close, so we can close the server without Ending it's task
Salt the database in addition to hashing it, the salt is now stored in a new Table, the ServerConfig table.

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download icon (md5) Source Code 121
last downloaded 13 weeks ago
Total downloads: 121

0.2b1 release from the 0.2 series released 2009-04-22

Release information
Release notes:

0.2 Beta 1 Release Notes:

-Creating games is much different now from a technical perspective
-User information has been implemented, currently only displays wins/losses/ties for each game type you have played but there is room for expansion of this feature
-No guest users are allowed in the system, everyone must register
-You are presented with a login screen to start instead of going straight into the action
-Each game type defines their own game table to suit their own needs
-Various Bug Fixes

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download icon (md5) 0.2b1 Source Code 8
last downloaded 116 weeks ago
Total downloads: 8

0.1 release from the 0.1 series released 2009-01-06

Release information
Release notes:

Includes the first release of the Turn Based Game framework which Desdemona is based off of. Includes support for spectating games, and storing the results of those games for registered users (although there is currently no way to show those results to the user, this is planned for 0.2).


Initial Release.

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download icon 0.1.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source Release 28
last downloaded 79 weeks ago
Total downloads: 28