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Gimmix is out

Written for Gimmix by priyank on 2014-02-09

Fixes a compilation issue with recent glib-2.0
Includes a Czech Translation

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Gimmix 0.5.1 Released

Written for Gimmix by priyank on 2008-10-02

Gimmix 0.5.1 is a bugfix release to 0.5.0. It is highly recommended that you upgrade Gimmix to version 0.5.1.

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Gimmix 0.5.0 is out!

Written for Gimmix by priyank on 2008-09-26

A new version of Gimmix has been released. This is a major release of Gimmix as it includes new features like Album art and Lyrics support. Please try the new version and report any bugs you may encounter. Oh and btw, Gimmix just turned 2 today. :)

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