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Glade 3.7.2 Released

Written for Glade by Javier Jardón on 2010-12-28

Ok, long long long awaited release of captive software:

Glade 3.7.2 the third development snapshot leading up to 3.8
is now fresh out of the oven ! (and the crowd goes *roar*).

WARNING, this is *not* widely tested and it's not a stable
release (please don't package me, wait for 3.8 and 3.10).

This release still depends on GTK+ 2.20, however 3.8 will
be the last Glade version supporting GTK+ 2.x series and
will depend on GTK+ 2.24 (the idea is to get a version
out that people can test with the GTK+ they have installed
before including all the fancy backported stuff available
in GTK+ 2.24).

This release comes with 2 particular highlights:

  - New Preview feature by Marco Diego Aurélio Mesquita

    Now it's possible to fire up a preview window from glade and
    see how your interface will look in real life, currently it
    does not do much but eventually we plan to allow configuration
    of specific desktop settings and themes to be set for the preview
    window (so that application designers can see how the UI will
    react under different desktop or mobile platform environments).

  - The Glade bug-list now contains ZERO known crasher bugs, please
    smoke test this baby and let us know if you find anything wrong
    (as specially crashers of course).

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Glade 3.7.1 released

Written for Glade by Javier Jardón on 2010-05-19

Some highlights in this release:

No more Horizontal VBoxes
Added notebook tabs to navigate through projects.
Option to hide toolbar/statusbar.
Now Glade uses GtkToolPalette for its palette.
Signal Editor greatly improved

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Glade 3.7.0 released

Written for Glade by Javier Jardón on 2010-04-14

This is a long awaited release of bugfixes which have accumulated in git master over the past year, along with some last minute cleanups and updates to the catalog and one new GtkEntry editor feature.

Note that this release; while only adding stability to the 3.6.x series should be considered "unstable" for all intensive purposes, this release is not targeting GNOME 2.30.

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