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GlassHouse is the first in a series of projects designed to create an online meeting place where people can help each other learn each other's languages and cultures. Technically, it will be a multimedia multiuser cloud system.

Currently, the project allows a single user to import speech recordings and transcriptions in a target language, and to create a set of dictionary entries in an online database for each word encountered in the target language.

Work is under way to add the following features:
 • Multiple users with separate logins
 • Community features, allowing interactions with other users
 • Images to illustrate the main text
 • Images within the dictionary entries
 • User-recorded speech
 • Division of texts and recordings into short sequenced chunks, with a separate image and recording for each chunk
 • Exchange of texts and recordings as audio-chat messages

Features planned for subsequent phases include, among others: whiteboard, public and private spaces, fluency detection, multilingual wordweb, typing tutors, and eventually a virtual world.

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For the single-user project on which GlassHouse is based, see Jean Pierre's Learning With Text (LWT) project at

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