Glippy - not so simple clipboard manager for GNOME

Registered 2010-06-24 by Biko

Glippy is a clipboard manager for GNOME.

Glippy is a clipboard manager for GNOME. It's written in Mono and is able to:
 - store text, rich content, files and images from keyboard clipboard
 - store text from mouse clipboard
 - synchronize clipboards
 - upload to (text) and (images)
 - shorten links with and
 - manage snippets, which are stored texts available in menu
 - manage actions, which executes on current clipboard content
 - create screenshots and pick colors
 - paste content immediately after selection of previous item
 - show tray icon / application indicator
 - show menu by global keyboard shortcut
 - restore previous content after reset.

To install Glippy, download tarball or add PPA ppa:bikooo/glippy ( and apt-get install glippy (and glippy-ubuntu-mono for Ubuntu Mono icons). You may need to reset configuration (glippy -r).

If you like it, you're welcome to donate ( )! Thanks!

Want Glippy in your language? You can translate it on Launchpad.

I would be very grateful for reporting bugs, because I can't find everything on my own. I'm not a robot, yet. :)

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1.0 series 

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Glippy 1.0 series is the current focus of development


Latest version is 0.6
released on 2012-07-22

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