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Globalbility is a postcard and translation project. It works like a megaphone: people can write us something they want to tell the rest of the world and we help translate it into other languages. The aim of the project is to make people from different parts of the world communicate more with one other so that we can feel more solidarity for each other. This is a new project, so please joint the effort!

This is a network of translators organized by volunteers from Togo and Norway. Right now we work to finish our new website where you'll be able to see many more postcards and translations. We need help to finish the website development (using Drupal 7) and to make the design for the project. We've made a poster to invite people that do art to involve themselves in the making of the design. If you have ideas about good places that we can send the poster where you live (like art schools and cultural houses), please tell us!

We also want to get in touch with more people that want to help translate in the project. Take contact if you want to help in any way!

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Mats Blakstad
Mats Blakstad

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