Gnome Music Player Client 0.19.1

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Gnome Music Player Client
Qball Cow
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download icon gmpc-0.19.1-win32.exe (md5, sig) Windows installer 327
last downloaded 3 weeks ago
download icon gmpc-0.19.1.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source 171
last downloaded 4 weeks ago
Total downloads: 498

Release notes 

This release fixes a few critical bugs and introduces the "now playing" feature window. This release, unlike other releases, only features the gmpc core; plugins and libmpd from... 0.19.0 are compatible


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Avuton Olrich (2):
      Modify version string to post-release version 0.19.95
      gmpc version 0.19.1

Qball Cow (34):
      Completely wrong and wrong way around new url-fetching gui
      Make the new dialog slightly more sane
      Remove some empty lines
      Regenerate with new vala
      [UrlFetchGui] Show progressbar and make buttons insensitive
      Remove the 'num items' from the left pane view.
      [Bug:2519] Trying to fix this bug.
      [Bug:2519] Sort utf-8 aware.
      [Bug:2532] Apply patch from bug.
      Fix for bug 2496
      Fix sizing rules so it should work again on windows32.
      Move notification code of db updates into separate code block.
      Add some extra bindings to libmpd.vapi
      Export gmpc-favorite and gmpc-rating for plugins
      Add extra icons, thanks to zeltak
      Export mpdinterfaction.h or gmpc-song-links.
      Integrate the new now playing browser
      Rename mockup-nowplaying to Now Playing
      [Metadata2] Don't query albumartist if not supported
      [Now Playing] Make colors configurable.
      Show kHz's not Hz's
      Fix rare bug that causes gtk to use tons of cpu and memory
      Adding new rating icons. Fix make distcheck
      Try not to reload stored playlist, when it is not needed.
      Add a theme-color option to now-playing
      If no title or name show filename, sanitiezed.
      Use theme colors by default
      Make coloring more robust
      Force text view in now playing read only
      Make sure gmpc_easy_download_uri_escape also escapes &&+
      Sort album list by release date. Show release date
      Add localtime_r for windows in gtktransition.h
      Bug:2567 Add gmpc.ico to dist
      Add extra type check to sorting function

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