GNOME Activity Journal (Bugfix release)

Written for GNOME Activity Journal by Siegfried Gevatter on 2010-09-18

On behalf of the GNOME Activity Journal team, I am proud to announce the immediate availability of GNOME Activity Journal codenamed "Bazaar". This is a bug-fix release published as a follow-up for GNOME Activity Journal 0.5.0.

 - Updated Hamster-specific code to use the new ontology from Zeitgeist 0.5.0
   (LP: #641148, Debian bug #591267).
 - Catch exception trying to extract a non-existant thumbnail from an
   OpenDocument file (LP: #535440).
 - Fixed a possible issue with "%20" being used in filenames.
 - Some minor changes (relabeled "Goto Today" to "Go to Today", added missing
   tooltips to toolbar icons).
 - Removed superfluous debugging (timing) information.
 - Updated several translations.
 - Removed Zeitgeist version check for Zeitgeist 0.5.0 compatibility (as it
   reports a wrong version number).

Updated on 2010-09-18.

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