GNOME Activity Journal 0.8.0 "Sword" released

Written for GNOME Activity Journal by Siegfried Gevatter on 2011-07-16

On behalf of the GNOME Activity Journal team I am happy to announce the release of GNOME Activity Journal 0.8.0 "Sword".

2011-7-16: GNOME Activity Journal 0.8.0 "Sword"

 - Added an incognito mode option to the tray icon.
 - Removed blacklist plugin, replaced by Activity Log Manager.
 - Added different zoom levels to ThumbView and TimelineView.
 - Added an erase mode to easily delete many events.
 - Improved handling of the extension not being available (LP: #790834).
 - Added support for file annotation meta-data (LP: #715910).
 - Don't show application launch events nor fake events generated
   by Activity Log Manager.
 - Fixed blacklist template deletion (LP: #643795).
 - Several other minor tweaks (better netbook screen support, etc).


Siegfried Gevatter

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