Registered 2009-03-28 by Andrew Starr-Bochicchio

This project hosts the host the Debian packaging for the GNOME-Colors Icon Theme.

Please note that the GNOME-Colors Icon Theme itself is not maintained on Launchpad. Please see the link below for it's homepage.

GNOME-Colors is a set of icon themes based on GNOME, with some inspiration/icons from Tango, Elementary, Discovery, Tango Generator and others.

Their goal is to create an easy way for anyone to make their desktop consistently match their moods, wallpapers, laptop colors, etc.

The icons were designed to match my Clearlooks/Nodoka/Murrine/Shiki-Colors GTK Themes and their additional artwork.

There are 5 color variations: Brave (Blue), Wise (Green), Human (Orange), Noble (Purple) and Wine (Red).

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