GNOME DVB Daemon 0.1.17

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Sebastian Pölsterl
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Release notes 

In this release udev is used to retrieve a list of connected devices instead of HAL and a lot of bugs have been fixed in the channel scanner.


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- Made progressbar pulsing when fraction is not known, yet; fixed
- Change page type of ChannelScanPage to CONTENT marking the cancel button sensitive; fixed
- Use TreeView to display satellites, antennas and cable providers. Added mnemonics; fixed
- Fixed crash of assistant on last page if in expert mode
- Set cursor to watch while reading list of antennas/providers; fixed
- Don't destroy scanner if error is posted on bus; fixed
- Added icons for gnome-dvb-control and gnome-dvb-setup (many thanks to Klaus Staedler)
- Use udev instead of HAL to retrieve devices
- Fixed compiler errors with Vala 0.8.0
- Convert XDG user dir path to utf8; fixed
- Use tuning parameters from initial tuning data instead of NIT; fixed
- Check if filename of initial tuning data is formated as we expect; fixed
- Made the call to destroy the scanner async and show dialog with progressbar in the meantime; fixed
- Don't restore EPG events in constructor of Schedule but delay the whole process
- Use adapter and frontend to determine type of device instead of adapter only; fixed

Updated Translations:
- Czech
- English (United Kingdom)
- French
- German
- Spanish

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