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Gnome15 - 0.6.5 - Mainly kernel driver fixes

Written for gnome15 by tanktarta on 2011-05-23

This update brings some fixes for the kernel driver. Firstly, 0.6.x completely broke this driver, so that has been fixed. Secondly, the LCD will now work on a G15 with this driver, and in theory it should also add G13 support. See here - - for some guidance on setting up the kernel driver.

This release also includes a few bug fixes, including fixing timeouts in "Indicator Messages" plugin.

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Gnome15 - 0.6.3 - Stop Watch, Webcam and Bug Fixes

Written for gnome15 by tanktarta on 2011-05-09

The Gnome15 team is pleased to announce the first release in the 0.6.x series. This new version brings our first contributed plugin, the "Stopwatch". It has dual mode, dual timers and works on all models with an LCD. Also new is the "Webcam" plugin, this may be used to capture from an V4L source including webcams and capture cards.

The usability of the "Processes" plugin has been improved, allowing switching between Application/User/All modes. As usual, a number of bugs have also been squashed, see the changelog for full details.

Both source the release and packages for Ubuntu 11.11 are available, with Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10, Fedora 14 and openSUSE to follow over the next day or two.

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Gnome15 - 0.5.1 - Bug fixes and RPM release

Written for gnome15 by tanktarta on 2011-03-19

The announcement is a few days late, but Gnome15 0.5.1 is now available. This was a mainly a bug fix release to correct some regressions that turned up in 0.5.0. Also RPMs are now available for the first, built for Fedora 14. The Lucid PPA packages have also now been updated to 0.5.x.

Gnome 15 - 0.5.0 - New site, big changes under the hood

Written for gnome15 by tanktarta on 2011-03-11

I am pleased to announce the release of Gnome15 version 0.5.0. This release sees big changes internally, the start of work to make Gnome15 work well across all Linux desktop, new features such as macro editing from the GUI, the usual bug fixes as well as a brand site at a brand new location - Packages for Ubuntu 10.10 are in the PPA, with 10.4 to follow. The packages have been re-arranged slightly, so existing users should check they have the right ones installed.

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Gnome15 - 0.4.0 - New Plugins, Bug Fixes and Hardware Support

Written for gnome15 by tanktarta on 2011-01-23

Highlights of this latest version include a new "Processes" plugin where you can view and kill running processes, and a "G15Daemon" plugin (for the G19 only) that emulates the g15daemon network protocol, allowing any g15daemon compatible scripts and applications to work on a G19. There are also many bug fixes, and the beginnings of a DBUS API.

The Gnome15 PPA also contains a SVN snapshot of libg15 and g15daemon with additional patches from the g15tools forums and myself to support the G110 and G510. This has not yet been tested on real hardware yet, so feedback would be appreciated.

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