GnoMenu 1.6

the main branch in the GnoMenu project , in here will come the oficial releases

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Release notes 

GnoMenu is a serious attempt to bring eye candy abilities to the Gnome Menu. Based on “Vista Start Menu” by Chris Hughes, whom seems to have discontinued development of the original project. It was picked up for further development by Helder Fraga.
Helder has since forked the project and renamed it to GnoMenu. Its current incarnation is 1.6.
 GnoMenu is released under the GNU/GPL Version 3 software license.


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 Grey squares around icons (cairo bug workaround)
 XDG menu folder absolute address parsing bug
 No more zombie processes, applications are launched seperately from the menu process
 Fixed bug that stopped loading a menu if it hit a dead link to an icon file
 Fixed file name space bug
 Fixed file name launching with specifiers, e.g. %s %u etc. This brings it fully into line with gnome/XDG specifications and can now launch anything correctly
 Fixed linked threaded applications from auxiliary function menu (ptype=5)
 Fixed jpg loading in user icon
 Fixed icon size in new theme
 Navigation of the menu via the up, down, left and right arrow keys.
 Insertable separator objects, plain background
 Fast load times
 Aux function hold menu in wait state until completed
 Icon caching now fully implamented
 Versatile XML Layout, made easier for theme creators and more robust
 Menu commands now text based, not index based
 DBus Activation of menu for global menu shortcut key
 Right hand menu buttons sometimes do not act if clicked very quickly
 'Tap to click' on touchpad wont activate right hand menu buttons
 Implament file keys instead of just removing them, e.g. %s or %u, etc..
 Multiple language support
 Set aux-window(cario/orb-top) type-hint to panel so that compiz wont show it on expo/cube rotate, etcnames directly from XGD python backend
 Unrendered menu shadows on vista theme have been removed
 Transparency around the corners of buttons to aid new theme creation, redesigned button backend
 First use welcome screen
 Set in backend (any) & !(type=Menu) for focus stealing prevention of windows to exclude menus. (Correct focus prevention methods?)
 Update new xml profile for settings and rework menus and tabs in settings
 Implement compiz detection for button top + rendering features etc
 The key is /desktop/gnome/applications/window_manager/default
 Full Czech translation added.

 Full composite support
 Adaptable applet background
 Applet and cairo button window now adjust to panel position and height
 Added localization no need for menu translations
 Changed program name
 Consolidated menu themes
 fixed cairo button window always showing 1 +x and 1+y
 Added some themes
 changed some things in settings menu
 Added install theme / remove theme
 Fixed startup bug due to dbus
 metacity/non composite bugs fixed

 Localization bug fixed

 Added support for menu on top panels(experimental)

 Instaling themes now works
 Consolidated button themes


 Added back button to always show
 Super_L is now binded to the menu


 The menu now updates when apps are installed uninstalled
 New system menu
 It now updates the gtk icon themes
 Better gtk theme in searchbox
 It can run any command now , not only predifined ones ,new buttons should apear

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