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2.1.1 release from the 2.1 series released 2015-09-22

Release information
Release notes:

= Acomms =
- DCCL is now its own project separate from Goby: Removed DCCL code and added dependency on libdccl. Left backwards-compatible API in goby/acomms/dccl to allow seamless transition for previous Goby users. One exception: users of Google Protocol Buffers versions prior to 2.5.0 will need to change all DCCL .proto files to import the DCCL extensions .proto instead of the Goby one. That is:
        import "goby/acomms/protobuf/dccl_option_extensions.proto";
        import "dccl/protobuf/option_extensions.proto";
- Updated IridiumDriver to handle the Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) protocol in addition to the previously available RUDICS protocol. Removed shore-based components of IridiumDriver (now it is only for the mobile side). Removed dependen...


bzr log --line -n0 -r tag:2.0.6..

586: Toby Schneider 2015-09-21 Release 2.1.1
585: Toby Schneider 2015-09-21 [merge] Various minor fixes
  538.1.67: Toby Schneider 2015-09-20 [merge] Merge from pre-ST10
    538.3.2: Toby Schneider 2015-09-19 Fixed liaison acomms to load DCCL libraries to allow custom codecs
    538.3.1: Toby Schneider 2015-09-19 Process loopback before signal_in_route to accomodate RouteCommand message
  538.1.66: Toby Schneider 2015-09-04 Fixed regression on time update in Goby Bridge
  538.1.65: Toby Schneider 2015-09-04 Added in NetworkAck expire for time update and hardware control messages in goby_bridge
  538.1.64: Toby Schneider 2015-09-04 Updated pAcommsHandler MAC start/stop to apply to all drivers
584: Toby Schneider 2015-08-28 [merge] Merge: primarily driver fixes
  538.1.63: Toby Schneider 2015-08-28 Added manual driver reset command to pAcommsHandler
  538.1.62: Toby Schneider 2015-08-28 Changed unsigned to uint32 for next_frame to ensure overflow matches protobuf type
  538.1.61: Toby Schneider 2015-08-28 Added debugging info explaining clearing acks
  538.1.60: Toby Schneider 2015-08-28 Fixed frame count updates in PB Modem driver for multiple frame messages; Updated other drivers to use same logic in the event they become multi-frame in the future
  538.1.59: Toby Schneider 2015-08-24 Fixed infinite loop in shore Iridium driver if SBD packet could not be decodded correctly
  538.1.58: Toby Schneider 2015-08-24 Added check on correct packet source for Mosh relay
583: Toby Schneider 2015-08-20 [merge] Merge various bug fixes and feature that adds destination-based encryption passphrases for Queue
  538.1.57: Toby Schneider 2015-08-20 Added option to allow queue to set DCCL passphrase on a destination by destination basis
  538.1.56: Toby Schneider 2015-08-20 Fixed missing initialized value for time in Iridium driver
  538.1.55: Toby Schneider 2015-08-20 Added MOOSCommClient connect and disconnect callback handling to moos_gateway_g to allow it to be robust to disconnects from the MOOSDB
  538.1.54: Toby Schneider 2015-08-19 Added number of resets tracker to ModemDriverStatus
  538.1.53: Toby Schneider 2015-08-19 Fixed bug with previous commit
  538.1.52: Toby Schneider 2015-08-19 Added disconnect on multiple RUDICS packet failures
  538.1.51: Toby Schneider 2015-08-19 Fixed segmentation fault when replacing a Liaison message caused by new multiple _time field fix
582: Toby Schneider 2015-08-19 [merge] Merge changes from waveglider testing
  538.1.50: Toby Schneider 2015-08-19 Added default gateway for routing
  538.1.49: Toby Schneider 2015-08-18 Correctly set size of encrypted passthrough messages
  538.1.48: Toby Schneider 2015-08-18 Added handling of edge case bug where Iridium phone gives an 'OK' in response to a dial (shouldn't happen, but just did today)
  538.1.47: Toby Schneider 2015-08-17 Corrected revision parsing for Micro-Modem 1; Removed std::cout spam from serial2tcp_server
581: Toby Schneider 2015-08-13 [merge] Merge TimeUpdate code
  538.1.46: Toby Schneider 2015-08-13 Added rough time update code into goby_bridge
580: Toby Schneider 2015-08-10 [merge] Merge payload status updates in BF frontseat driver
  578.1.2: Toby Schneider 2015-07-31 Removed unnecessary copy
  578.1.1: Toby Schneider 2015-07-28 {2.1.1~rc4} Added ability to post payload status in Bluefin frontseat driver
579: Toby Schneider 2015-07-20 Changed pGobyMOOSAppTemplate to use non-static configuration object since Protobuf seems to have issues with default strings in statically configured Protobuf objects
578: Toby Schneider 2015-07-15 [merge] Merge fix to unit test
  538.1.45: Toby Schneider 2015-07-15 Updated unit test for change to ignore broadcast messages originated from the current modem id
577: Toby Schneider 2015-07-14 [merge] Merge multiple modem failure handling in pAcommsHandler
  538.1.44: Toby Schneider 2015-07-14 Added failure handling in pAcommsHandler for multiple modems - can try to use one of the listen modems as the new primary modem, or restart the modem with a configurable backoff period. To support this, added these features: unbind/unconnect for Goby slots, increasing inddex for DriverBase objects as they are created (to sort them by order of creation)
576: Toby Schneider 2015-07-13 [merge] Merge fix to MOOSCommander time field filler
  538.1.43: Toby Schneider 2015-07-13 Corrected MOOSCommander Liaison plugin to autofill timestamps on messages with multiple _time fields
575: Toby Schneider 2015-07-10 [merge] Merge fix for bug introduced in previous merge
  538.1.42: Toby Schneider 2015-07-10 Fixed bug where routing now fails if decoding the whole message fails (e.g. encrypted when we don't have the crypto key
574: Toby Schneider 2015-07-10 [merge] Merge changes to Goby-Queue to support configurable routing
  538.1.41: Toby Schneider 2015-07-10 1. Switched order of decode/signal_route_in in Queue to enable processing of data (specifically, RouteCommand) before the routing is done. 2. Added handling of RouteCommand to pAcommsHandler, 3. Changed QueueManager config route_broadcast_packets to route_for_additional_modem_id which is more generic (you can specify additional routing for any modem id(s), not just 0 (broadcast)
573: Toby Schneider 2015-07-09 [merge] Merge change for NMEASentence non-standard talker
  538.1.40: Toby Schneider 2015-07-09 Added option to use non-standard (5 character) talker length
572: Toby Schneider 2015-06-18 [merge] {2.1.1~rc3} Merge in improvements for serial2tcp_server and added PB methods for GobyMOOSApp
  538.1.39: Toby Schneider 2015-06-18 Added publish_pb and subscribe_pb methods to GobyMOOSApp that directly use the serialize_for_moos and parse_for_moos functions
  538.1.38: Toby Schneider 2015-06-17 Added configurable run frequency for serial2tcp_server
  538.1.37: Toby Schneider 2015-06-17 Improved efficiency of std::string overload of readline in linebasedcomms
  538.1.36: Toby Schneider 2015-06-16 Renamed serial2tcp_server to goby_serial2tcp_server for consistency
571: Toby Schneider 2015-06-16 [merge] Merge in hardware control support for Micro-Modem driver
  538.1.35: Toby Schneider 2015-06-15 Added support for CCMEC - hardware control of Micro-Modem line and HardwareControlCommand remote DCCL command
  538.1.34: Toby Schneider 2015-06-15 Brought pTranslator create_on_multiplex_publish in line with pAcommsHandler version
  538.1.33: Toby Schneider 2015-06-09 Added logic to deal with packet loss in Mosh relay
  538.1.32: Toby Schneider 2015-06-09 Added code to correctly set tx and rx times for iridium shore driver
570: Toby Schneider 2015-06-02 Added support for binary protobuf encoding into Liaison MOOS Scope
569: Toby Schneider 2015-06-02 Added two new MOOS <-> protobuf translators: TECHNIQUE_PROTOBUF_NATIVE_HEX and TECHNIQUE_PREFIXED_PROTOBUF_NATIVE_HEX which used ascii-encoded hexadecimal representation of the protobuf native encoding
568: Toby Schneider 2015-05-11 [merge] Merge move Iridium ModemDriver into acomms
  538.1.31: Toby Schneider 2015-05-11 Fixed line based connection handler for RUDICS in iridium shore driver
  538.1.30: Toby Schneider 2015-05-11 Moved Iridium driver into Acomms, since it no longer depends on ZMQ stuff in PB
567: Toby Schneider 2015-05-11 [merge] Merge rework of goby_rudics_shore into standalone ModemDriver
  538.1.29: Toby Schneider 2015-05-11 [merge] Merge restructure of shore-side rudics/sbd to fix several bugs and streamline code
    538.2.3: Toby Schneider 2015-05-11 Finished rework of goby_rudics_shore into new ModemDriver.
    538.2.2: Toby Schneider 2015-05-08 Reworked goby_rudics_shore into new ModemDriver: iridium_shore_driver and removed old goby_rudics_shore
    538.2.1: Toby Schneider 2015-05-08 Reworking RUDICS shore for multiple gliders
  538.1.28: Toby Schneider 2015-05-05 Switched modem_id in MTAsyncData to be consistent with other rudics shore messages
  538.1.27: Toby Schneider 2015-05-05 Register ZMQ connect on data receive
  538.1.26: Toby Schneider 2015-05-04 Set disposition flag on MT Iridium SBD to flush buffer with new messages
566: Toby Schneider 2015-04-28 {2.1.1~rc2} Added rx timestamp to linebasedcomms data
565: Toby Schneider 2015-04-27 Added pitch, roll, z-rate optionally to desired course
564: Toby Schneider 2015-04-22 [merge] Merge changes for real Iridium SBD
  538.1.25: Toby Schneider 2015-04-22 Minor modifications to make SBD work with actual Iridium hardware
563: Toby Schneider 2015-04-14 [merge] {2.1.1~rc1} Merge fix in moos_gateway_g
  538.1.24: Toby Schneider 2015-04-14 Fixed moos_gateway_g double-connect bug - must choose either MOOSNode or ProtobufNode connection on Goby side
  538.1.23: Toby Schneider 2015-04-10 [merge] Merge from 2.1
562: Toby Schneider 2015-04-10 [merge] Merge RUDICS handshake and route command messages
  538.1.22: Toby Schneider 2015-04-09 1. Implemented routing command DCCL message to change goby_bridge routes; 2. Added creation symlinks to log file for latest log; 3. Minor fixes to moos liaison commander
  538.1.21: Toby Schneider 2015-04-02 Added handshake to RUDICS disconnect
  538.1.20: Toby Schneider 2015-04-02 [merge] Merge fixes from 2.1 main
  538.1.19: Toby Schneider 2015-03-31 Added transition for NoCarrier during Answer
  538.1.18: Toby Schneider 2015-03-09 Added route command message
561: Toby Schneider 2015-04-10 Minor mods to logging test to track down multithreading logging issues
560: Toby Schneider 2015-04-02 Added output for DCCL location that is being used
559: Toby Schneider 2015-03-30 [merge] Merged fix from 2.0 for libzmq version 3+
  513.1.43: Toby Schneider 2015-03-30 Fixes for libzmq3: tested against libzmq1:2.2.0+dfsg-5 (backwards compatbility and libzmq3:4.0.4+dfsg-2
558: Toby Schneider 2015-03-18 [merge] Merged fix of typo in driver_exception header guard
  513.1.42: Toby Schneider 2015-03-18 1. Fixed bug where HAS_NCURSES definition is in header file; 2. Fixed typo in DriverException header guard
557: Toby Schneider 2015-03-18 Fixed conflict in extension numbers in iridium_driver.proto
556: Toby Schneider 2015-03-18 [merge] Merge bug fixes from 2.0
  513.1.41: Toby Schneider 2015-03-06 Fixes for Clang in OSX Yosemite
  513.1.40: Toby Schneider 2014-11-07 [merge] Merge from ST8c
    513.5.3: Toby Schneider 2014-10-04 Fixed bug in MMDriver where would clear both a and then a
    513.5.2: Toby Schneider 2014-10-03 Added option to disable use of DTR
    513.5.1: Toby Schneider 2014-10-01 Workaround for partial frame bug in MM2
  513.1.39: Toby Schneider 2014-09-24 Added transition for Iridium driver to Answer state to correctly return to ready if the call disconnects in the process of being answered (RING -> ATA -> NO CARRIER)
555: Toby Schneider 2015-03-11 Fixed bug in glog where if you added a stream and then later replaced it with the same stream of a different verbosity, the highest_verbosity would remain at the previous level, causing unnecessary CPU overhead generated streams without any sink
554: Toby Schneider 2015-03-06 [merge] Merged SBD updates
  538.1.17: Toby Schneider 2015-03-07 Took out SBDConfigure to allow re-entry to SBDReady after RUDICS call; added minor debug output
  538.1.16: Toby Schneider 2015-03-06 Added reset after several retries of an AT command to Iridium driver
553: Toby Schneider 2015-03-05 [merge] Merged in SBD initial support
  538.1.15: Toby Schneider 2015-03-04 Finalized initial implementation of Iridium SBD
  538.1.14: Toby Schneider 2015-03-04 Removed debug std::cout
  538.1.13: Toby Schneider 2015-02-27 Added shore side (MO) support for Iridium short-burst data into goby_rudics_shore
  538.1.12: Toby Schneider 2015-02-19 Added in great deal of structure and code for SBD that largely works. Also added in async messages from goby_rudics_shore - this is currently non-functional
552: Toby Schneider 2015-02-17 [merge] Merge changes to NetworkAck
  538.1.11: Toby Schneider 2015-02-17 Added random port to route test as well
  538.1.10: Toby Schneider 2015-02-17 Initialized random seed for ports in tests to reduce conflicts on parallel builds
  538.1.9: Toby Schneider 2015-02-16 Changed UDPDriver test to use random ports to avoid conflicts during parallel builds
  538.1.8: Toby Schneider 2015-02-16 Moved NetworkAck from goby_bridge to goby::acomms::QueueManager so it can be used by any application (e.g. pAcommsHandler). Added EXPIRE messages to NetworkAck as well
  538.1.7: Toby Schneider 2015-02-16 [merge] Merge fixes to pTranslator
551: Toby Schneider 2015-02-16 [merge] Merge change to wire protocol of ZMQ for PB messages - makes it possible to subscribe to a group that contains multiple types of messages
  538.1.6: Toby Schneider 2015-02-05 More work on functionality to moos_gateway_g to decode PB messages and repost as MOOS
  538.1.5: Toby Schneider 2015-02-04 1. (PB Wire Protocol Change\!) Switched order of group and protobuf name in ZMQ identifier string. 2. Update goby_file_transfer to report number of fragments in Response message, 3. Updated DynamicProtobufNode and changed goby_bridge to use that instead of just StaticProtobufNode (to handle external queue push messages), 4. Add functionality to moos_gateway_g to decode PB messages and repost as MOOS TECHNIQUE_PREFIXED_PROTOBUF_TEXT_FORMAT messages
  538.1.4: Toby Schneider 2015-01-14 [merge] Merge from 2.1 main
550: Toby Schneider 2015-02-12 Fixed pTranslator to work with MOOS Time Warp; Fixed TECHNIQUE_FORMAT parser to properly handle nested embedded messages
549: Toby Schneider 2015-01-27 Reverted UseShortRepeated primitives as this does not work on Protobuf 2.3.0
548: Toby Schneider 2015-01-20 Used protobuf TextFormat ShortRepeatedPrimitives for MOOS parsing/serialization
547: Toby Schneider 2015-01-14 [merge] Merge changes from 2.1-dsop
  538.1.3: Toby Schneider 2015-01-12 Added guard to Iridium driver state machine so it won't try to dial when it's on a call already
  538.1.2: Toby Schneider 2014-11-17 [merge] Merge bug fixes from 2.1
  538.1.1: Toby Schneider 2014-11-05 {2.1.0+shark1} Release 2.1.0+shark1
546: Toby Schneider 2015-01-14 Fixed bug where GobyMOOSApp fails to read last line of .moos file if it doesn't contain a final newline character
545: Toby Schneider 2015-01-02 Added template GobyMOOSApp
544: Toby Schneider 2014-12-03 Added plugin infrastructure for pAcommsHandler drivers; also added ability to use custom id codec with pAcommsHandler
543: Toby Schneider 2014-12-02 Reworked GobyMOOSApp so that it can be used (optionally) with AppCastingMOOSApp
542: Toby Schneider 2014-11-17 Fixed bug introduced by use of new frame_start in ModemTransmission: ACKs did not have correct frame number for PBDriver and IridiumDriver
541: Toby Schneider 2014-11-13 Added missing header
540: Toby Schneider 2014-11-06 Fixed very bad bug: Removed HAS_NCURSES macro from header file since this needed to be defined by library user code to work correctly; also removed option to compile without pthread for the Goby logger
539: Toby Schneider 2014-11-06 Fixed typo in docs
538: Toby Schneider 2014-10-22 Minor changes to examples to compile properly
537: Toby Schneider 2014-10-20 Fixed thread-safe logger for custom operator<<() overloads when not using explicit FlexOstream::is() method
536: Toby Schneider 2014-10-17 [merge] 1. Merge changes to Liaison Acomms tab; 2. Updated for namespace and other structural changes in DCCL; 3. Fixed frame ack bug in UDP, PB and Iridium driver (where frames could be inadvertently ack'd
  535.1.4: Toby Schneider 2014-09-30 Added percent bad frames into Liaison Acomms tab stats
  535.1.3: Toby Schneider 2014-09-30 Finished initial graph of stats
  535.1.2: Toby Schneider 2014-09-30 More work on liaison acomms tab - updated MAC and started driver work
  535.1.1: Toby Schneider 2014-09-29 Finished AMAC part of MOOSAcomms tab in Goby Liaison - also minor changes to MACManager to support this
535: Toby Schneider 2014-08-27 [merge] Merge from 2.0
  513.1.38: Toby Schneider 2014-08-25 Added subscription for pAcommsHandler on ACOMMS_MAC_INITIATE_TRANSMISSION for folks to handle MAC externally
  513.1.37: Toby Schneider 2014-08-01 {2.0.6} Increment version

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2.0.6 release from the 2.0 series released 2014-08-04

Release information
Release notes:

= Acomms =
- MOSH Client allowing support for the MOSH shell ( over Goby. Requires use of a patched version of MOSH available at
- Fixes to goby_file_transfer
- DCCL ModemDriverStatus message reports status of a given driver
- Support for the WHOI Micro-Modem Flexible Data Protocol (FDP)


bzr log --line -n0 -r tag:2.0.5..

546: Toby Schneider 2014-07-31 Support for the Micro-Modem 2 FDP
545: Toby Schneider 2014-06-15 Added ability to reuse database for goby_store_server
544: Toby Schneider 2014-06-10 Replaced couts with glog in goby_mosh_relay
543: Toby Schneider 2014-05-12 {2.0.6~rc2} Increment version
542: Toby Schneider 2014-05-08 [merge] Merge changes including bug fixes and ModemDriverStatus message
  541.1.6: Toby Schneider 2014-05-08 Fixed bug where DriverBase keep adding repeated writes to the raw log file if it was restarted
  541.1.5: Toby Schneider 2014-05-08 Added keep-alive (NVRAM status query) to detect if the modem has disappeared (e.g. power failure, etc.)
  541.1.4: Toby Schneider 2014-05-08 Added functionality to goby_bridge to queue ModemDriverStatus
  541.1.3: Toby Schneider 2014-05-08 Improved error reporting messages from TCPClient
  541.1.2: Toby Schneider 2014-05-08 Fixed bug in PULL file transfers that terminated transfer before completed if the TransferReponse message was received before the last fragment
  541.1.1: Toby Schneider 2014-05-08 Added functionality to base_convert to preserve zeros at the most significant end, e.g. 002 in base10 becomes 0010 in base2, which then stays 002 when back to base10; we need this because encoded values can end in necessary zeros
541: Toby Schneider 2014-05-06 Added ModemDriverStatus message and related code to fill it out in goby_modemdriver
540: Toby Schneider 2014-05-06 Fixed bugs allowing DriverBase to properly reset itself and changed ModemDriver application to handle exceptions from the DriverBase and derived class, then reset the driver after a delay
539: Toby Schneider 2014-04-08 {2.0.6~rc1} Initially working MOSH relay over Goby UDP driver (at 320 bytes/sec)
538: Toby Schneider 2014-04-08 1. Reworked application_base run() method to take the configuration object as an argument (instead of requiring that the Application class have a static configuration object (this was causing problems properly constructing the protobuf configuration for some compilers). Changed all derived applications to use this new structure. 2. Started framework for mosh relay client
537: Toby Schneider 2014-04-01 {2.0.5} Release 2.0.5

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download icon goby2-2.0.6.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source code 70
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2.0.5 release from the 2.0 series released 2014-04-01

Release information
Release notes:

= Acomms =
- New IridiumDriver that handles the Iridium RUDICS protocol (phone-c
all style of data transfer)

= MOOS =
- New MOOS application iFrontSeat (and corresponding additions to libgoby_moos) that provide an extensible interface to the low-level control ("frontseat") of an autonomous vehicle
      - Driver for iFrontSeat for the Bluefin 21" and 9" family of vehicles (libgoby_frontseat_bluefin)
      - New drivers can be written outside of Goby and are runtime loaded by iFrontSeat
- libgoby_moos and Goby MOOS applications (pAcommsHandler, iFrontSeat, etc) compile and runs on MOOS 10 (and still supports pre-10 (SVN revision 2376) MOOS)

= PB =
- New application goby_modemdriver that allows provides a ZeroMQ interface to the following Goby ModemDrivers:
      - goby::acomms::MMDriv...


bzr log --line -n0 -r tag:2.0.4..

534: Toby Schneider 2014-03-25 Remove Xerces from default dependencies install
533: Toby Schneider 2014-03-25 Moved more dependencies into Debian install now that they are available in Wheezy (stable)
532: Toby Schneider 2014-03-25 Switched to default to MOOS10 for MOOS dependency when running DEPENDENCIES script
531: Toby Schneider 2014-03-25 Fixed proper component disabling when missing GMP library
530: Toby Schneider 2014-03-25 Changed header on all files to reflect change in license to GPL/LGPL2
529: Toby Schneider 2014-03-25 Changed license to GPL2 as per MIT open source request in COPYING
528: Toby Schneider 2014-03-19 Removed unused typedef in goby_bridge
527: Toby Schneider 2014-03-19 Added include for abc_frontseat_driver example
526: Toby Schneider 2014-03-19 Fixed double reconnect attempt in Bluefin driver for iFrontSeat
525: Toby Schneider 2014-03-17 Patch removing boost foreach which doesn't play nice with new g++ and protobuf 2.3.0
524: Toby Schneider 2014-03-17 [merge] Merge from DASH ST8a
  520.1.6: Toby Schneider 2014-03-03 1. workaround third-party ACK bug in Micro-Modem firmware; 2. Added name to publish of iFrontSeat status
  520.1.5: Toby Schneider 2014-02-23 Added short wait between Iridium redial attempts
  520.1.4: Toby Schneider 2014-02-23 Added HangingUp and PostDisconnected states to Iridium state machine to clean up series of actions in both of these end-of-call situations
  520.1.3: Toby Schneider 2014-02-22 Added split on commas for MOOS strings in MOOSLiaisonScope
  520.1.2: mituser 2014-02-22 [merge] Merge changes to Iridium Driver for CEER debug message and configurable start up time
    520.2.2: Toby Schneider 2014-02-07 Need to kick Offline before handling Disconnect (because of +CEER)
    520.2.1: Toby Schneider 2014-02-07 Added +CEER extended error message check for Iridium driver
  520.1.1: Toby Schneider 2014-02-22 {2.1.0~beta8} In iFrontSeat Bluefin driver: Changed BPRCB to BPRCE on advice of Patrick Larocque; changed command of 0 speed as 0 rpm to also send 0 pitch and 0 rudder
523: Toby Schneider 2014-03-11 Added check for newer versions of protobuf to add intentional enum aliases to avoid error in protobuf 2.5.0 and newer
522: Toby Schneider 2014-03-11 Removed newest() call from Application
521: Toby Schneider 2014-03-11 Removed newest() call from Protobuf pub sub wrapper since the underlying node doesn't have the call anymore
520: Toby Schneider 2014-02-03 Reduced verbosity of store server send for iridium driver
519: Toby Schneider 2014-02-03 {2.1.0~beta7} Increment version
518: Toby Schneider 2014-02-03 Demoted certain reliability ZMQ messages to a lower debug level to reduce debug file spam
517: Toby Schneider 2014-01-10 [merge] Merge BFSMC support from 87mcmahon
  510.1.1: Jim McMahon 2013-12-13 Added start mission confirm bluefin command
516: Toby Schneider 2013-12-18 Fixed conversion error in NAV_YAW in the iFrontSeat legacy translators.
515: Toby Schneider 2013-12-11 {2.1.0~beta6} Increment version
514: Toby Schneider 2013-11-21 [merge] Merge changes made on DASH-ST6 deep cruise
  513.1.5: Toby Schneider 2013-11-15 Small tweak to Liaison geodesy tab
  513.1.4: Toby Schneider 2013-11-15 More features for new MOOS Geodesy liaison tab
  513.1.3: Toby Schneider 2013-11-14 Updates on frontseat driver documentation
  513.1.2: Toby Schneider 2013-11-13 Minor changes to user manual
  513.1.1: Toby Schneider 2013-11-13 1. Changed tes::DynamicMOOSVars to goby::moos::DynamicMOOSVars; 2. More documentation on iFrontSeat
513: Toby Schneider 2013-11-12 [merge] Merge from DASH-ST6 leg 1 - added example frontseat simulator, and updated related documentation
  512.1.1: Toby Schneider 2013-11-09 Added ABC example frontseat simulator and corresponding iFrontSeat driver as an example on how to write drivers
512: Toby Schneider 2013-10-31 {2.1.0~beta5} increment version
511: Toby Schneider 2013-10-31 [merge] Ported BFCTL handoff of control from lamss DSOP branch
  509.2.1: Toby Schneider 2013-10-31 Ported BFCTL handoff of control from DSOP branch
510: Toby Schneider 2013-10-30 [merge] Merge from shore node
  509.1.1: Toby Schneider 2013-10-30 Various fixes to python PPP/Goby RUDCS forward script
509: Toby Schneider 2013-10-30 Reduced verbosity of ZMQ messages to reduce debug file sizes
508: Toby Schneider 2013-10-29 Added some nice transfer success/failed messages to goby_file_transfer
507: Toby Schneider 2013-10-29 Finalized goby_file_transfer - added Response for each transfer indicating success or failure (with error messages in case of failure)
506: Toby Schneider 2013-10-23 {2.1.0~beta4} Increment version
505: Toby Schneider 2013-10-23 Fixed detection of start of Rudics call
504: Toby Schneider 2013-10-23 Added missing include
503: Toby Schneider 2013-10-23 Changed default PPP server to localhost
502: Toby Schneider 2013-10-23 Minor change to debugging log output
501: Toby Schneider 2013-10-23 Added python script for multiplexing PPP and Goby on Rudics shore side
500: Toby Schneider 2013-10-23 Added unique identifier to start of Goby RUDICS call to distinguish it from other protocols (e.g. PPP)
499: Toby Schneider 2013-10-23 Moved decoding after routing so if decoding fails (e.g. on encrypted message), the routing still takes place
498: Toby Schneider 2013-10-19 Changed enable_testing_asio to only disable running of test if set to OFF (still builds test); added enable_testing_zeromq to work around running test bug in Ubuntu Saucy build machines
497: Toby Schneider 2013-10-18 [merge] Merge changes from DASH-ST6 shallow test
  496.1.5: Toby Schneider 2013-10-17 Added unit test for salinity (from lamss repos)
  496.1.4: Toby Schneider 2013-10-17 Fixed bug causing segmentation fault when the Micro-Modem has a frame count mismatch
  496.1.3: Toby Schneider 2013-10-16 Disallowing sending of uninitialized protobuf message prevents protobuf fatal error from killing application
  496.1.2: Toby Schneider 2013-10-16 Modified headers on seawater calculations
  496.1.1: Toby Schneider 2013-10-16 Ported iFrontSeat from lamss project to reside here
496: Toby Schneider 2013-09-27 {2.1.0~beta3} Incremented version
495: Toby Schneider 2013-09-27 Added option to write raw modem log to separate file
494: Toby Schneider 2013-09-27 Resized MACUpdate message to account for new always_initiate field in ModemTransmission message
493: Toby Schneider 2013-09-27 1. Added option to MAC slot to always initiate allowing hybrid centralized/decentralized MAC setups; 2. Added option to set MMDriver silent by changing source ID (so no ACKs are generated for messages sent to it); 3. Added ability to attach one or more drivers to pAcommsHandler that are listeners (receive only)
492: Toby Schneider 2013-09-26 Increased MAC update to 64 byte message, and increased bound on MACUpdate message
491: Toby Schneider 2013-09-25 {2.1.0~beta2} Incremented version
490: Toby Schneider 2013-09-24 1. Fixed bug where Iridium DATA messages sent by the side that didn't originate the first call were not getting ACK'd; 2. In goby_bridge: made sending of CACSTs and RangingReply messages optional, and made NetworkAck generation only enabled for given source Modem Ids;
489: Toby Schneider 2013-09-24 Fixed bug in Queue when using pass through messages (to allow encrypted messages to be routed without unencryptied) in conjunction with non-encrypted message(s) that caused the non-encrpyted message(s) to be lost.
488: Toby Schneider 2013-09-23 Removed unneeded load_dccl_message from goby_bridge; fixed bug where two messages with the same ID could be queued without the second being validated (and thus catching that there were two messages with the same ID)
487: Toby Schneider 2013-09-19 Fixed minor compile failure for lucid build
486: Toby Schneider 2013-09-19 Added in goby_file_transfer for raw point-to-point transfer of files over Goby. Currently only supported using goby_bridge.
485: Toby Schneider 2013-09-16 [merge] {2.1.0~beta1} Merge from 2.0-moos10; Goby2 should now properly build against the original MOOS and MOOS10
  283.1.17: Toby Schneider 2013-09-16 Modifications so that project still builds against old MOOS (pre v10)
  283.1.16: Toby Schneider 2013-09-16 Removed MOOSGeodesy in favor of new shell with same API that makes calls to libproj (PROJ.4)
  283.1.15: Toby Schneider 2013-09-16 [merge] Merge from 2.0
  283.1.14: Toby Schneider 2013-09-12 Fix header for MOOS 10
  283.1.13: Toby Schneider 2013-09-12 [merge] Merged 2.0.3 from mainline
  283.1.12: Toby Schneider 2013-03-27 [merge] Merge from 2.0
  283.1.11: Toby Schneider 2013-02-27 [merge] merge from 2.0
  283.1.10: Toby Schneider 2013-02-27 [merge] merge from 2.0
  283.1.9: Toby Schneider 2013-02-27 [merge] Merge from 2.0
  283.1.8: Toby Schneider 2013-02-27 [merge] merge from 2.0
  283.1.7: Toby Schneider 2013-02-27 [merge] Merge bug fix from 2.0
  283.1.6: Toby Schneider 2013-02-27 Compiles against the new MOOS
  283.1.5: Toby Schneider 2013-02-27 [merge] Merged from 2.0
  283.1.4: Toby Schneider 2012-03-18 [merge] merge from 2.0
  283.1.3: Toby Schneider 2012-03-15 [merge] merge from 2.0
484: Toby Schneider 2013-09-06 Moved glog output for Iridium driver when talking to goby_rudics_shore to ZMQ group to unclutter modemdriver group for AT commands
483: Toby Schneider 2013-09-06 Changes to IridiumDriver: Reset hangup timeout at the start of a call; do not make a call if not data to send
482: Toby Schneider 2013-09-06 Changed native_handle() to native() to allow IridiumDriver to compile on older versions of boost::asio
481: Toby Schneider 2013-09-06 Added DTR toggle for serial connection hangups; Changed boost::remove_if to std::remove_if
480: Toby Schneider 2013-09-05 Shore side mobile-originated calls working with ATDuck simulator
479: Toby Schneider 2013-09-04 Moved Iridium driver into PB library to allow us to use ZMQ and PB node functionality
478: Toby Schneider 2013-09-04 Working unit test for mobile-terminated rudics call
477: Toby Schneider 2013-09-04 Started Iridium RUDICS shore side server; changed to omit more problem characters from RUDICS protocol
476: Toby Schneider 2013-09-03 Progress on Iridium driver: changes to DriverBase - if modem is inactive, do not block waiting for it to become active, TCP reconnect configurable, startup() and shutdown() should block in driver until complete (or fail throwing exception); changes to IridiumDriver - increased timeout on retry for long events such as dial, many minor changes to state machine
475: Toby Schneider 2013-08-26 [merge] Switched to boost::statechart for finite state machine representation of Hayes DTE (for Iridium Driver)
  474.1.3: Toby Schneider 2013-08-26 Added code to prevent integer overflows on huge time differences (related to using MOOS timewarp)
  474.1.2: Toby Schneider 2013-08-26 Passes IridiumDriver1 test with ATduck emulator (with new FSM code)
  474.1.1: Toby Schneider 2013-08-26 In progress work to FSM model
474: Toby Schneider 2013-08-23 Initially basic working connection and data passing with Iridium Driver using ATduck emulator
473: Toby Schneider 2013-08-23 Created shared driver_tester code for various modem driver tests to share
472: Toby Schneider 2013-08-13 Added subdirectory for iridium driver test
471: Toby Schneider 2013-08-13 Added arbitrary base conversion for base256 <--> base255 conversions
470: Toby Schneider 2013-08-12 Fixed bug when group is the null string
469: Toby Schneider 2013-08-12 [merge] Merge work on standalone goby_modemdriver binary
  468.1.3: Toby Schneider 2013-08-12 Tentatively fully working standalone goby_modemdriver that exposes the C++ API via ZMQ publish/subscribe messages. Update goby_bridge to use new goby_modemdriver and removed ModemDriver module from goby_bridge.
  468.1.2: Toby Schneider 2013-08-12 Working string group into Application structure
  468.1.1: Toby Schneider 2013-08-12 Working string group into Application structure
468: Toby Schneider 2013-08-09 Folder for standalone modem driver
467: Toby Schneider 2013-08-09 Framework for Iridium driver
466: Toby Schneider 2013-08-09 {2.0.4} Updated moos_goby_liaison script to use exec to avoid problems when killing the shell script doesn't kill the goby_liaison process

File Description Downloads
download icon goby2-2.0.5.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source code 35
last downloaded 24 weeks ago
Total downloads: 35

2.0.3 release from the 2.0 series released 2013-05-10

Release information
Release notes:

- Addition to DCCL and goby_bridge to allow forwarding of encrypted messages without unencrypting.
- Added Bluefin Comms Driver (for using the SonarDyne Avtrak acoustic modem via the Bluefin NMEA interface: See Bluefin Payload Interface Guid v1.8 dated 04-04-13 and newer.
- For the MOOS translators: TECHNIQUE_FORMAT returns the default field instead of the empty string for unset fields.


bzr log --line -n0 -r tag:2.0.2..

457: Toby Schneider 2013-05-10 {2.0.3} Incremented version number and release date
456: Toby Schneider 2013-04-30 TECHNIQUE_FORMAT returns the default field value instead of the empty string on fields that are not set
455: Toby Schneider 2013-04-22 Finished initial implementation of Bluefin modem driver for Sonardynae and tested on bench with two modems
454: Toby Schneider 2013-04-12 Start of Bluefin Comms driver for MOOS
453: Toby Schneider 2013-04-10 Cleaned up another case where linebasedcomms connection could be 'active' even if the connection failed
452: Toby Schneider 2013-03-27 Fixed bug in mimic of Micro-Modem ping where ping reports from all vehicles in range were reported
451: Toby Schneider 2013-03-27 Added mimic of Micro-Modem ping command ($CCMPC) into MOOS UFld Driver
450: Toby Schneider 2013-03-18 Fixed bug where segmentation fault would occur on invalid or encrpyted messages (if the wrong crypto key is loaded) messages. Now the behavior is either a DCCLException or a nonsense decoded message
449: Toby Schneider 2013-03-18 {2.0.3~beta1} Release 2.0.3~beta1
448: Toby Schneider 2013-03-14 1. Possible to decode DCCL header without decrypting body; 2. Possible to pass messages through route without decrypting
447: Toby Schneider 2013-02-28 {2.0.2} Incremented version to 2.0.2

File Description Downloads
download icon goby2-2.0.3+moos10.tar.gz (md5, sig) Experimental release of 2.0.3 for the new MOOS v10. 21
last downloaded 15 weeks ago
download icon goby2-2.0.3.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source code archive 50
last downloaded 45 weeks ago
Total downloads: 71

2.0.2 release from the 2.0 series released 2013-02-28

Release information
Release notes:

- First official stable release of Goby2:
  - Completely reworked DCCL using Google Protocol Buffers as the backend to allow seamless integration with existing marine and non-marine communications systems
   - Simpler, smaller acoustic MAC unit
   - Full support for the WHOI Micro-Modem, UDP systems (e.g. Iridium), and TCP store-and-forward, along with a clean interface for writing new drivers to support acoustic and other "slow-link" systems.
   - Extensible web-based GUI, currently with plugins for the MOOS middleware (e.g. for a human operator to send DCCL messages)

File Description Downloads
download icon goby2-2.0.2.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source code 23
last downloaded 20 weeks ago
Total downloads: 23

2.0.1 release from the 2.0 series released 2012-05-18

File Description Downloads
download icon goby2-2.0.1~rc4.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source Code 51
last downloaded 45 weeks ago
Total downloads: 51

2.0.0-beta4 release from the 2.0 series released 2012-02-22

Release information
Release notes:

- MOOS Functionality (pAcommsHandler) complete, including backwards compatibility with version 1.
- New MOOS Application pTranslator that can be used for general purpose string<-->Google conversions
- goby_liaison backported from 3.0
  - liaison_commander written to take the place of iCommander
  - liaison_scope complete for MOOS scoping
- moos_gateway_g backported from 3.0 to interface goby_liaison with a MOOS community


285: Toby Schneider 2012-02-22 release 2.0.0-beta4
284: Toby Schneider 2012-02-17 1. Added basic Fedora and OpenSuse to DEPENDENCIES file; 2. fixed bug whe...
283: Toby Schneider 2012-02-14 updated DEPENDENCIES to be a script again
282: Toby Schneider 2012-02-13 fixed bug with MMDriver not clearing transmit message (and thereby sending the same message) when XST is not set or not available
281: Toby Schneider 2012-02-13 1. Examples now compile correctly; 2. Fixed bug with Liaison that was causing repeated fields not to expand on reload. 3. Added analyze_dccl_xml (as shell script) for backwards compatibility
280: toby 2012-02-13 workaround for broken maverick compiler
279: Toby Schneider 2012-02-13 Commented out building of zero_mq_test1 which fails in pbuilder on launchpad for unknown reasons: we're not using EPGM anyway in Goby 2
278: Toby Schneider 2012-02-09 added compiled-in options for Liaision docroot so most of the time users won't have to specify it
277: Toby Schneider 2012-02-09 added basic rounding to x,y <--> lat,lon algorithms to avoid precision based differences
276: Toby Schneider 2012-02-09 fixed unnecessary warning from mm_driver about expected frames never being received, added index level specification for MOOS translator
275: Toby Schneider 2012-02-08 fixed direct double equality comparison
274: Toby Schneider 2012-02-07 More substantial cleanups in glog entries
273: Toby Schneider 2012-02-07 fixed compile problem with newer versions of boost filesystem
272: Toby Schneider 2012-02-06 a whole bunch of minor fixes and improvements discovered when integrating pAcommsHandler into missions-dsop (LAMSS)
271: Toby Schneider 2012-02-06 added manipulators back in to acomms (all in Queue) and a test (queue6) for them
270: Toby Schneider 2012-02-02 1. MAC Cycle update message configured for sending with DCCL and integrated into pAcommsHandler; 2. moved time from util->common; 3. tweaked ncurses closing so errors are properly shown after ncurses exits
269: Toby Schneider 2012-02-01 removed unneeded code from Transitional DCCL
268: Toby Schneider 2012-02-01 changed all explicit library linking to use CMake variable names to facilitate compilation when libraries are installed to non-standard places
267: Toby Schneider 2012-02-01 tweaks to CMakeLists for correct library finding when not on standard library search path
266: Toby Schneider 2012-02-01 Liaison needs ZeroMQ enabled - doing so
265: Toby Schneider 2012-02-01 fixed bug in Translator1 test where incomplete message was trying to be serialized
264: Toby Schneider 2012-02-01 Fix to FindWt
263: Toby Schneider 2012-02-01 streamlined optional package dependency resolution
262: Toby Schneider 2012-01-30 a few more disables to build correctly without 0MQ or Xerces
261: Toby Schneider 2012-01-30 added flag and modification to disable v1 transitional support and still be able to build MOOS
260: Toby Schneider 2012-01-30 fixed Dynamic protobuf test for dynamic libraries not ending in .so
259: Toby Schneider 2012-01-30 minor build system bug fix
258: Toby Schneider 2012-01-30 do not build zeromq tests if no ZeroMQ installed
257: Toby Schneider 2012-01-30 renamed BUILD to to deal with name conflict on case-insensitive fileystems
256: Toby Schneider 2012-01-30 Wt resources link autogenerated by CMake; logger GUI separated from VERBOSITY settings; removed analyze_dccl_xml in favor of dccl_xml_to_dccl_proto + analyze_dccl
255: Toby Schneider 2012-01-27 properly renamed namespaces for logger and configuration_reader
254: Toby Schneider 2012-01-27 missing <string> include in version and added a missing default parameter for the MOOS Translator
253: Toby Schneider 2012-01-25 renamed TesMoosApp GobyMOOSApp
252: Toby Schneider 2012-01-23 Added ability to access submessage fields from MOOS translator TECHNIQUE_FORMAT
251: Toby Schneider 2012-01-23 fixed MOOS<->protobuf translator for repeated fields
250: Toby Schneider 2012-01-23 fixed bug where Queued messages would get acknowledged (and popped) incorrectly
249: Toby Schneider 2012-01-19 Can cycle throw incoming messages in Liaison
248: Toby Schneider 2012-01-18 gave Liaison Commander and Scope their own ZeroMQ service and added field information/validation for commander
247: Toby Schneider 2012-01-16 improvements for Liaison scope
246: Toby Schneider 2012-01-11 modified pTranslator and wrote a preliminarily working pAcommsHandler using this translation functionality
245: Toby Schneider 2012-01-05 liaison commander now complete enough to send messages
244: Toby Schneider 2012-01-02 wrote much of the background for Liaison Commander and fixed some small memory leaks in Liaison
243: Toby Schneider 2011-12-30 working publish *from* liaison
242: Toby Schneider 2011-12-30 liaison scope properly pauses when in a different menu item
241: Toby Schneider 2011-12-30 [merge] merges from 3.0 for liaison
  195.1.13: Toby Schneider 2011-12-30 moved pubsub wrapper to common
  240.1.2: Toby Schneider 2011-12-30 renamed core namespace to common
  240.1.1: Toby Schneider 2011-12-30 [merge] merge from 3.0 for liaison
    195.1.12: Toby Schneider 2011-12-30 moved liaison and many zero mq components to common
    195.1.11: Toby Schneider 2011-12-30 [merge] merged changes from 2.0
    195.1.10: Toby Schneider 2011-11-17 [merge] merged from 2.0
    195.1.9: Toby Schneider 2011-11-17 [merge] renamed goby_core to goby_pb to suggest optional nature of the library
    195.1.8: Toby Schneider 2011-11-16 [merge] merged from 2.0, rejecting removed messages we need
    195.1.7: Toby Schneider 2011-11-16 [merge] merge from 2.0
    195.1.6: Toby Schneider 2011-11-16 fixed bugs from previous merge
    195.1.5: Toby Schneider 2011-11-16 [merge] merge from 2.0
    195.1.4: Toby Schneider 2011-11-16 [merge] merged from 2.0
    195.1.3: Toby Schneider 2011-09-23 fixed #include to wrong places
    195.1.2: Toby Schneider 2011-09-23 empty folder
    195.1.1: Toby Schneider 2011-09-23 [merge] merged into 2.0 except removes from 2.0 that we want to have in 3.0 (all core stuff)
240: Toby Schneider 2011-12-22 removed protobuf_generate_cpp line from pAcommsHandler CMakelists.txt
239: Toby Schneider 2011-12-21 mostly finished MOOS <--> Protobuf translator and reworked dynamic protobuf class to be more powerful
238: Toby Schneider 2011-12-20 incorporated publish, moos_var elements into DCCLv2->v1 backwards compatibility
237: Toby Schneider 2011-12-20 more work on Goby v1->v2 backwards compatibility
236: Toby Schneider 2011-12-19 added pTranslator MOOS translation application and added algorithms for key=value parser
235: Toby Schneider 2011-12-16 continued work on the MOOS translator: incorporated algorithms from pAcommsHandler v1
234: Toby Schneider 2011-12-06 more work on MOOS <--> Protobuf translator
233: Toby Schneider 2011-11-17 started working on MOOS string to Protobuf translator
232: Toby Schneider 2011-11-17 replaced use of core_header.proto with test specific header.proto
231: Toby Schneider 2011-11-16 fixed missed test on changing path
230: Toby Schneider 2011-11-16 merged libtransitional into moos, moved protobuf files out of common into their respective libraries where possible
229: Toby Schneider 2011-11-16 removed unneeded core protobuf messages (punted to 3.0)
228: Toby Schneider 2011-11-16 fixed file name bug in tests from renamed proto files
227: Toby Schneider 2011-11-16 renamed goby_protobuf to goby_common to avoid confusion with 3.0 library goby_pb
226: Toby Schneider 2011-11-16 renamed proto files to reflect goby module
225: Toby Schneider 2011-11-10 Dynamic Protobuf Manager now looks in the compiled-in pool; also added test for it
224: Toby Schneider 2011-11-10 added missing library depends for

File Description Downloads
download icon goby2-2.0.0-beta4.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source code 31
last downloaded 45 weeks ago
Total downloads: 31

2.0.0-beta1 release from the 2.0 series released 2011-09-21

File Description Downloads
download icon goby2-2.0.0-beta1.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source Code 26
last downloaded 45 weeks ago
Total downloads: 26

1.1.3 release from the 1.1 series released 2012-05-18

Release information
Release notes:

-- Memory leak in goby_logger fixed


bzr log --line -n0 -r 156..

159: Toby Schneider 2012-05-18 fixed memory leak in goby_logger
158: Toby Schneider 2012-02-14 renamed BUILD to to deal with name conflict ...
157: Toby Schneider 2012-02-14 version 1.1.2
156: Toby Schneider 2012-02-14 added missing <string> header

File Description Downloads
download icon goby-1.1.3.tar.gz (md5, sig) Release 1.1.3 43
last downloaded 45 weeks ago
Total downloads: 43

1.1.2 release from the 1.1 series released 2012-02-14

Release information
Release notes:

-- Fixes for Ubuntu Oneiric
-- New LOOPBACK_AS_SENT and PROMISCUOUS manipulators


bzr log --line -n0 -r 146..

156: Toby Schneider 2012-02-14 added missing <string> header
155: Toby Schneider 2011-12-06 [merge] merge from MBAT cruise
  154.1.1: Toby Schneider 2011-11-29 added new algorithms for MBAT cruise
154: Toby Schneider 2011-09-22 fixes for oneiric
153: Toby Schneider 2011-09-22 added LOOPBACK_AS_SENT (loopbacks all queued ...
152: Toby Schneider 2011-09-20 changed references to to gob...
151: Toby Schneider 2011-08-31 reverted bug where cmake did not recognize .....
150: Chris Murphy 2011-06-27 Adding getter for size field of DCCLMessage.
149: Chris Murphy 2011-06-26 Making destructor public.
148: Chris Murphy 2011-06-26 Making ModemDriverBase destructor virtual.
147: Chris Murphy 2011-06-20 Adding a microsecond time function to goby time...

File Description Downloads
download icon goby-1.1.2.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source code 17
last downloaded 20 weeks ago
Total downloads: 17

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