Goby 1.0.3

- initial framework for CTest / CDash
- minor improvements to WHOI Micro-Modem driver

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toby schneider
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-- Improvements to WHOI Micro-Modem Driver DRQ process
-- fixes / improvements to CMake build


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> bzr log --line -n0 -r 112..
118: toby 2011-04-28 fix for Bug 772640 pertaining to finding MOOS with CMake
117: toby 2011-04-21 [merge] merged changes from trunk to WHOI Micro-Modem Driver mm_driver
  60.2.30: toby 2011-04-06 removed regression with Polling MAC on WHOI Micro-Modem
  60.2.29: toby 2011-04-06 streamlined DRQ process and added more logic sanity checks
  60.2.28: toby 2011-03-22 added REMUS LBL ranging example
  60.2.27: toby 2011-03-17 [merge] merged MAC OS X building changes from 1.0 series
  60.2.26: toby 2011-03-16 improved package finding for examples, removed some goby/util/string.h code where a Boost solution exists
  60.2.25: toby 2011-03-10 [merge] minor fixes to CMake build
  60.2.24: toby 2011-03-09 cleaned up CMakeLists.txt slightly
  60.2.23: toby 2011-03-08 [merge] merged changes needed for .deb packaging 1.0
116: toby 2011-04-06 turned off unneeded MOOS test from building
115: toby 2011-04-06 Added basic configure / build testing using CTest/CDash
114: Chris Murphy 2011-04-05 Switching int with unsigned int on an incrementer variable to silence a comparison warning.
113: toby 2011-04-04 added example for WHOI REMUS LBL ranging, added link to new wiki to doc page, other minor front page documentation edits
112: toby 2011-03-29 release 1.0.2b - working install on MAC OSX (with MacPorts)

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
772640 #772640 FindMOOS.cmake Hints Don't Search FHS Locations 4 Medium toby schneider  9 Fix Committed
772640 #772640 FindMOOS.cmake Hints Don't Search FHS Locations 4 Medium toby schneider  10 Fix Released
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