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Release notes 

- MOOS Functionality (pAcommsHandler) complete, including backwards compatibility with version 1.
- New MOOS Application pTranslator that can be used for general purpose string<-->Google conversions
- goby_liaison backported from 3.0
  - liaison_commander written to take the place of iCommander
  - liaison_scope complete for MOOS scoping
- moos_gateway_g backported from 3.0 to interface goby_liaison with a MOOS community


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285: Toby Schneider 2012-02-22 release 2.0.0-beta4
284: Toby Schneider 2012-02-17 1. Added basic Fedora and OpenSuse to DEPENDENCIES file; 2. fixed bug whe...
283: Toby Schneider 2012-02-14 updated DEPENDENCIES to be a script again
282: Toby Schneider 2012-02-13 fixed bug with MMDriver not clearing transmit message (and thereby sending the same message) when XST is not set or not available
281: Toby Schneider 2012-02-13 1. Examples now compile correctly; 2. Fixed bug with Liaison that was causing repeated fields not to expand on reload. 3. Added analyze_dccl_xml (as shell script) for backwards compatibility
280: toby 2012-02-13 workaround for broken maverick compiler
279: Toby Schneider 2012-02-13 Commented out building of zero_mq_test1 which fails in pbuilder on launchpad for unknown reasons: we're not using EPGM anyway in Goby 2
278: Toby Schneider 2012-02-09 added compiled-in options for Liaision docroot so most of the time users won't have to specify it
277: Toby Schneider 2012-02-09 added basic rounding to x,y <--> lat,lon algorithms to avoid precision based differences
276: Toby Schneider 2012-02-09 fixed unnecessary warning from mm_driver about expected frames never being received, added index level specification for MOOS translator
275: Toby Schneider 2012-02-08 fixed direct double equality comparison
274: Toby Schneider 2012-02-07 More substantial cleanups in glog entries
273: Toby Schneider 2012-02-07 fixed compile problem with newer versions of boost filesystem
272: Toby Schneider 2012-02-06 a whole bunch of minor fixes and improvements discovered when integrating pAcommsHandler into missions-dsop (LAMSS)
271: Toby Schneider 2012-02-06 added manipulators back in to acomms (all in Queue) and a test (queue6) for them
270: Toby Schneider 2012-02-02 1. MAC Cycle update message configured for sending with DCCL and integrated into pAcommsHandler; 2. moved time from util->common; 3. tweaked ncurses closing so errors are properly shown after ncurses exits
269: Toby Schneider 2012-02-01 removed unneeded code from Transitional DCCL
268: Toby Schneider 2012-02-01 changed all explicit library linking to use CMake variable names to facilitate compilation when libraries are installed to non-standard places
267: Toby Schneider 2012-02-01 tweaks to CMakeLists for correct library finding when not on standard library search path
266: Toby Schneider 2012-02-01 Liaison needs ZeroMQ enabled - doing so
265: Toby Schneider 2012-02-01 fixed bug in Translator1 test where incomplete message was trying to be serialized
264: Toby Schneider 2012-02-01 Fix to FindWt
263: Toby Schneider 2012-02-01 streamlined optional package dependency resolution
262: Toby Schneider 2012-01-30 a few more disables to build correctly without 0MQ or Xerces
261: Toby Schneider 2012-01-30 added flag and modification to disable v1 transitional support and still be able to build MOOS
260: Toby Schneider 2012-01-30 fixed Dynamic protobuf test for dynamic libraries not ending in .so
259: Toby Schneider 2012-01-30 minor build system bug fix
258: Toby Schneider 2012-01-30 do not build zeromq tests if no ZeroMQ installed
257: Toby Schneider 2012-01-30 renamed BUILD to build.sh to deal with name conflict on case-insensitive fileystems
256: Toby Schneider 2012-01-30 Wt resources link autogenerated by CMake; logger GUI separated from VERBOSITY settings; removed analyze_dccl_xml in favor of dccl_xml_to_dccl_proto + analyze_dccl
255: Toby Schneider 2012-01-27 properly renamed namespaces for logger and configuration_reader
254: Toby Schneider 2012-01-27 missing <string> include in version and added a missing default parameter for the MOOS Translator
253: Toby Schneider 2012-01-25 renamed TesMoosApp GobyMOOSApp
252: Toby Schneider 2012-01-23 Added ability to access submessage fields from MOOS translator TECHNIQUE_FORMAT
251: Toby Schneider 2012-01-23 fixed MOOS<->protobuf translator for repeated fields
250: Toby Schneider 2012-01-23 fixed bug where Queued messages would get acknowledged (and popped) incorrectly
249: Toby Schneider 2012-01-19 Can cycle throw incoming messages in Liaison
248: Toby Schneider 2012-01-18 gave Liaison Commander and Scope their own ZeroMQ service and added field information/validation for commander
247: Toby Schneider 2012-01-16 improvements for Liaison scope
246: Toby Schneider 2012-01-11 modified pTranslator and wrote a preliminarily working pAcommsHandler using this translation functionality
245: Toby Schneider 2012-01-05 liaison commander now complete enough to send messages
244: Toby Schneider 2012-01-02 wrote much of the background for Liaison Commander and fixed some small memory leaks in Liaison
243: Toby Schneider 2011-12-30 working publish *from* liaison
242: Toby Schneider 2011-12-30 liaison scope properly pauses when in a different menu item
241: Toby Schneider 2011-12-30 [merge] merges from 3.0 for liaison
  195.1.13: Toby Schneider 2011-12-30 moved pubsub wrapper to common
  240.1.2: Toby Schneider 2011-12-30 renamed core namespace to common
  240.1.1: Toby Schneider 2011-12-30 [merge] merge from 3.0 for liaison
    195.1.12: Toby Schneider 2011-12-30 moved liaison and many zero mq components to common
    195.1.11: Toby Schneider 2011-12-30 [merge] merged changes from 2.0
    195.1.10: Toby Schneider 2011-11-17 [merge] merged from 2.0
    195.1.9: Toby Schneider 2011-11-17 [merge] renamed goby_core to goby_pb to suggest optional nature of the library
    195.1.8: Toby Schneider 2011-11-16 [merge] merged from 2.0, rejecting removed messages we need
    195.1.7: Toby Schneider 2011-11-16 [merge] merge from 2.0
    195.1.6: Toby Schneider 2011-11-16 fixed bugs from previous merge
    195.1.5: Toby Schneider 2011-11-16 [merge] merge from 2.0
    195.1.4: Toby Schneider 2011-11-16 [merge] merged from 2.0
    195.1.3: Toby Schneider 2011-09-23 fixed #include to wrong places
    195.1.2: Toby Schneider 2011-09-23 empty folder
    195.1.1: Toby Schneider 2011-09-23 [merge] merged into 2.0 except removes from 2.0 that we want to have in 3.0 (all core stuff)
240: Toby Schneider 2011-12-22 removed protobuf_generate_cpp line from pAcommsHandler CMakelists.txt
239: Toby Schneider 2011-12-21 mostly finished MOOS <--> Protobuf translator and reworked dynamic protobuf class to be more powerful
238: Toby Schneider 2011-12-20 incorporated publish, moos_var elements into DCCLv2->v1 backwards compatibility
237: Toby Schneider 2011-12-20 more work on Goby v1->v2 backwards compatibility
236: Toby Schneider 2011-12-19 added pTranslator MOOS translation application and added algorithms for key=value parser
235: Toby Schneider 2011-12-16 continued work on the MOOS translator: incorporated algorithms from pAcommsHandler v1
234: Toby Schneider 2011-12-06 more work on MOOS <--> Protobuf translator
233: Toby Schneider 2011-11-17 started working on MOOS string to Protobuf translator
232: Toby Schneider 2011-11-17 replaced use of core_header.proto with test specific header.proto
231: Toby Schneider 2011-11-16 fixed missed test on changing path
230: Toby Schneider 2011-11-16 merged libtransitional into moos, moved protobuf files out of common into their respective libraries where possible
229: Toby Schneider 2011-11-16 removed unneeded core protobuf messages (punted to 3.0)
228: Toby Schneider 2011-11-16 fixed file name bug in tests from renamed proto files
227: Toby Schneider 2011-11-16 renamed goby_protobuf to goby_common to avoid confusion with 3.0 library goby_pb
226: Toby Schneider 2011-11-16 renamed proto files to reflect goby module
225: Toby Schneider 2011-11-10 Dynamic Protobuf Manager now looks in the compiled-in pool; also added test for it
224: Toby Schneider 2011-11-10 added missing library depends for libgoby_moos.so

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800748 #800748 Build errors from zeromq on Ubuntu 10.10 3 High Chris Murphy  10 Fix Released
800748 #800748 Build errors from zeromq on Ubuntu 10.10 3 High Chris Murphy  10 Fix Released
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